The  1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945 sections have been put into more of an alphabetical order and panel by panel.


All 109 names are on for the WW1 and 23 names on the WW2 section.


I am adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


In the Gallery there are  pictures of  their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


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Clayton & Whittle at War
Clayton & Whittle at War 


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  • Martin Ellison (Tuesday, April 17 18 03:53 pm BST)

    Nice to see my grandfather, Charles Cadden on here.

  • Dave Bowyer (Tuesday, November 22 16 10:03 pm GMT)

    Hi there,
    Regarding a post on your site regarding 23436 Private John Bamber, 12th Bn Kings Liverpool Regiment, l have read on this site that John Bamber actually survived the war? I would be very interested in exploring this claim as l am the custodian of John's medals and service papers, and would welcome any light that could be shed on this.
    Best Regards

  • Berenice (Sunday, November 20 16 10:17 pm GMT)

    re. Private John Tripp. The report of his death in the Chorley Guardian of 15.1.1916 gives his parents' (and presumably John's also, as he was only 18) address as Water Street, Chorley.

  • W. Suter (Saturday, April 09 16 06:57 pm BST)

    Spotted your post on the Gt War Forum from last July.
    Wm Suter was my great uncle and I am effectively named after him. Apparently he was my grandad's favourite brother so when my dad was born in 1920, he was named after him. Although not the eldest boy
    in my family, I ended up being called William after my dad. I have done some limited research on my Gt uncle but cannot add much to what you already know. According to the Chorley Guardian archives
    he was killed while attacking a German stronghold, being hit by a bomb and killed instantly. The 4Seaforths were part of 154 brigade involved in the Battle of the Menin Road Ridge at the time of his
    death. According to the relevant passage in " Passchendaele A day by day account " by Chris McCarthy they were attacking the blue line around Pheasant Trench. This is supported by the relevant
    section in "The History of the Fourth Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders" by Haldane. Unfortunately I have not been able to see the relevant war diary as yet.
    If you have any further information I'd be very grateful to see it.
    I did spend some time a few years ago trying to find mention of him on memorials in Chorley, without success. Never thought to try Whittle since by the time of his death the family were in Chorley!
    With hindsight I should maybe have thought about it since my great grandfather had moved up to Whittle in the 1890's from Eastbourne. I'll have to pop over the border sometime and have a look at
    I have a few mementos of my Gt uncle, including his death plaque and some photographs.
    I am still intrigued by how he ended up in the Seaforths. At the time of his enlistment he was working in Rotherham I understand.
    William Suter
    Sent from my iPad

  • Andrew Hosken (Wednesday, March 16 16 07:02 pm GMT)

    Dear John,

    Hope you don't mind me bothering you.

    I'm researching an officer, 2nd Lt. Norman Cecil Collins, only 18, who was killed in action with the 7th Battalion the Suffolk Regiment on either August 8th or the 9th 1916.

    I've been to the National Archives at Kew and neither his service record nor the campaign record gave any details about how he died. He's not from your villages but I thought I'd try you as it seemed
    you knew your way around this subject!

    I just wondered if you knew anything about where the battalion would have been fighting? I have an idea it was possibly at the French village of Pozieres during the Battle of the Somme. Is there some
    better record of what happened with the 7th Suffolk in August 2014?

    best wishes Andrew

  • Les Magill (Wednesday, March 16 16 06:56 pm GMT)

    Hello John

    Robert Magill was my grandfather he moved from Country Antrim, he was a catholic, and married my Grandmother Margret, she was protestant. This caused his family to disown him.

    My father lives in Blackburn now. Do you have any more information on Robert Magill? All I know is he met Margret when he came to Preston Barracks.


    Les Magill,

  • Michael Blackwell (Friday, October 30 15 08:14 pm GMT)

    Hi John

    I received your message on Ancestry regarding Reginald Blackwell.
    I have had a look and he is my 2nd cousin twice removed and I am afraid I do not have much information to share with you.
    I have had a look on your website and the information on there matches the information I have but I do not
    have any pictures of him Im afraid. I am currently working my way down that
    line of the family so if I come accross any living relatives more closely
    related I will pass this information on incase they have any pictures.

    Sorry I could not have been anymore help.

    Michael Blackwell

  • Tony Hawkins (Saturday, June 27 15 11:25 pm BST)

    Dear John,

    I am pleased that the info I provided was of interest.

    Several years ago I paid a visit to the trenches in Serre, France where the Pals served of the 1st July 1916 and saw the memorial there.

    It is only very recently that I learned of William Justice Jones. Many years ago I recollect meeting some of my Grandfathers other siblings but William was never mentioned.

    So it was fascinating to discover that he served in central India and probably died of disease rather than KIA.

    I'm going to try and access the Bedfordshire Regiment diaries to research this further so will share any further information I obtain with you.

    Best of luck.

    Tony Hawkins

  • Cllr J E Bell (Tuesday, January 27 15 11:17 pm GMT)

    We have lots of info on the lads who lost their lives in the 1st War. Just ask.

  • John Melling (Sunday, January 04 15 11:31 am GMT)

    Good morning John,I came across your website last night as I begin my journey into searching for my family.I was very impressed by the quality and content of your website and was delighted that it
    provided me with information regarding the Ward family.My Great Grandfather was Richard Ward of whom I have very little knowledge as he was killed in action 1916 and my Great Grandmother remarried a
    lovely Scottish chap called Martin Hinton from Maybole who I believe was a friend of Richards.I would like to add that I have seen Richard Wards name in The Scottish National War Memorial Roll of
    Honour at Edinburgh Castle p 206.It read WARD RICHARD 18117 Pte b.Blackburn Lancs Died F and F 30/07/16 2nd Bn 21st The Royal Scots Fusiliers.The family knew Richard had a brother but we did not know
    a name until last night thanks to your information.Many thanks,Allison (Aspden nee ward)

  • John Melling (Monday, November 03 14 08:04 pm GMT)

    Hello Ronnie,
    Thanks for visiting the website.
    Your comments are most welcome. Glad you arrived home safe and sound after our Battlefield Tour. I shall email you those pictures we talked about featuring my relation.

  • Ronnie Pigram (Monday, November 03 14 12:48 pm GMT)

    Hello John
    Clear, precise and user friendly website. Well done.
    Keep the history of WWI and WWII alive. We owe it to the fallen and everyone who became part of it.

  • John Melling (Tuesday, September 02 14 12:10 pm BST)

    Hello Derek,
    Thank you for visiting the website.
    Its all work in progress and hope it evolves.
    At the moment I am putting all the names on I can find just from WW1 and its really interesting finding a little bit extra about these men.....
    I shall have a look for Vincent Kellett

  • Derek Winter (Friday, August 29 14 11:42 am BST)

    John, there is a name that should be included. Vincent Kellett. He was the father of Dennis and husband of Doris, both now deceased. I dont know any details, only i was brought up with Dennis who
    lived all his life with his mum at Spring gardens, Birchin Lane. Because Dennis had no dad and his mother needed to work at a mill, he spent a lot of time with us, so much so he was like a brother. I
    looked at the list here and noticed Vincent Kelletts name is not included. Cheers, BTW nice website, congratulations.

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