The  1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945 sections have been put into more of an alphabetical order and panel by panel.


All 109 names are on for the WW1 and 23 names on the WW2 section.


I am adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018, more pages have been added.

Providing lots more information.




In the Gallery there are  pictures of  their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thanks John Melling







Clayton and Whittle at War 

Westwood Primary School


On tuesday 6th november i was invited to Westwood School to see the childrens excellent idea for a display


Well done to the children, parents, teachers and everyone involved.

Manor Road Primary School


Thank you for the invite from my old school, Manor Roadfor their concert on Friday 9th november 2018.


Some of my research and other peoples has been helping the children and teachers for educational purposes.


Thank you to Manor Road for inviting myself and my guest.... well my Dad!


The display from all the children was outstanding.

An emotional return to my former primary school since I left in 1990. 

Whilst at the event I bumped into my old teachers Mrs King and Broadbent was fantastic.


Well done to the children, parents, teachers and everyone involved.





Manor Road Programme for their Cocert of Remembrance and Peace on Friday 9th November 2018


Manor Road School 9th November  2018



Clayton and Whittle at War Book


The idea for a book called "Clayton and Whittle At War" in the future.


Ive got a rough layout of about 193 pages so far....28,593 words


A couple of pictures of the men have been found.


Each page (or two if im lucky) representing a biography of all men named on the memorial from both wars.


Briefly detailing any of their family history, and military service I have found.




Clayton le Woods Parish Council website have advertised my website since 2015 in the Latest News section.

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