The  1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945 sections have been put into more of an alphabetical order and panel by panel.


All 109 names are on for the WW1 and 23 names on the WW2 section.


I am adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


In the Gallery there are  pictures of  their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


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Clayton & Whittle at War
Clayton & Whittle at War 

Considering we had so many losses from both Clayton and Whittle.

It's worth trying to record those who served and came back from both WW1 and WW2 or any other War since.






Arthur Blogg

Born c1880

Died 1921

Disabled whilst serving in WW1


Adam Blogg 

Born 1896

Died 1987

Reg no: 23219, (RE)360904

Enlisted at Chorley on 14th November 1914

11th Kings Liverpool Regiment and 14th Signal Company, Royal Engineers

Rank: Pte \ Pioneer


He was  in the Kings Liverpool Regiment and saw action in the Somme, Ypres and other key battles, But as with many soldiers said very little about his experiences


Adam was a Signaler in the 14th Signal Company, Royal Engineers as of 26th April 1918.

Passed his Signal test, 1st Class Signaller

Transfered to class "Z" army reserve on demoblization on 11th July(?) 1919


5 Tootell Terrace as of 1919


Father is Barness Blogg.




Lawrence Baxendale

Reg no: 229161

Rank: Pte

657 HS Employment Company,aatched "2nd Reserve Cavalry Regiment

Labour Corp


Enlisted  9 December 1915


Serving in Newbridge, Co Kildare Ireland


Discharged on  Extensive Stumons Diseased Cavical glands on 19 March 1918


 He lived at 11 Dickinson Terrace, Whittle le Woods as of enlistment


Employed as a Coal Bagger





Charles Herbert Cadden

Born 1887 Shifnal, Shropshire

Moved to Whittle le Woods 

Died 1949

Rank: Pte

Reg no: GS/116019

Royal Fusiliers


Previously served in


HQ Co 31 Div Train

RASC - Driver T4/160021

1 Co 31 Div Train


Married Amelia (Millie) Pass, Daughter of Henry Pass, Licensee of the Old Millstone Inn




William Cannon

Born 1891

Reg no: 15160

11th East Lancashire Regiment (Accrington Pals)


Lived at Waterhouse Green, Whittle le Woods


Married Frances Cuerden (sister of Austin Cuerden- below)


Died 21 April 1966




Richard Chadwick

Reg no: 11245

Coldstream Guards




James Coupe

Rank: Pte

Loyal  North Lancashire Regiment


Wounded in Action as reported on Saturday 17th June 1916.

Prior ro enlisteing  he worked at Low Mill Printworks and enlisted in September 1914.


John Craven

Reg no: 14303 other number 3436930

Lancashire Fusiliers



Austin Cuerden

Reg no: 15850

Rank: Pte

11th East Lancashire Regiment (Accrington Pals)


As a stroke of luck I believe i have managed to find Austin Cuerdens name in the PALS book

(William Turner).

He is listed within the C Company list, as advertised in the Accrington Observer & Times on Tuesday, February 23, 1915.







William Fairhurst

Age: 22 and 5 months

Reg no: 5184

Manchester Regiment


I think it could be the 17th Battalion


He enlisted at Chorley on 9th September 1914


He lived at 6 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods

Father was called John Fairhurst.

Discharged for medical reason - Spinal Disease


Oliver Bateson Fidler

Age: 43

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 3529

3 Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (SR)

Enlisted at Chorley


Oliver was 43 years old when he signed up again with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 31st August 1914,  having previously done 6 years with them.


He was Discharged after 2 years on the 30th August 1916 after being discharged for no longer physically fit for war service. - Deafness

The medical board report stated-

Originated about 25 years ago.

Not the result of nor aggravated by service.

Permanant capacity as on enlistment.


No foreign service.


Lived at 16 Smith Terrace, Clayton le Woods.  He was a Weaver.


Related to my friend Melanie (Mel) Chadwick and family of Moss Lane, Whittle le Woods.

I also have connections to the Fidler's



James Grundy

Reg no: 2287

RA mct / 2 London Sanitory Coy

Enlisted on 14 January 1915 at Chelsea.


Discharged on 6 April 1916 as not likely to become an efficient soldier on medical grounds.  


Lived at Blackburn Road, Whittle le Woods. 

A Mason by trade


Sister Annie Grundy, same address as next of kin.




William Hargreaves

Reg no: 226692

Army Service Corp (MT)



Arthur Hartley

Reg no: 25107

The Kings Liverpool Regiment



David Higham

Reg no:13419

3rd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



David Higham was discharged after previously having fits and became violent towards others and became a nuisance in the company.




James Jackson

Age: 19

Reg no: 15882

8 Service Battalion, Kings Own Lancaster Regiment

Enlisted on 12 November 1914 at Chorley


Discharged on 7th June 1915


Trade given as a Labourer


Father was John Jackson of Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods



Jack Kerfoot

Age: 19

Enlisted at Preston

Reg no: 55823


B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade



Enlisted at Preston on 26 November 1914.

Posted to No 2 Depot, RFA

Posted to B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade on 7 January 1915


Discharged on 28 July 1915 having made a mis statement as to get on enlistment.



Lived at Town lane, Whittle le Woods.


Father is Matthais Kerfoot




Sydney Knowles

Born c1901

Possibily joined the Mercantile Marines in 1914




Stanley Knowles

Born 18 June 1900

Died 1976

Service no:176790


Joined the RAF from 14 May 1918

Discharged from 16 January 1919


20 Swansey Fold, Whittle Le Woods


Formerlty a Brewers Clerk


Father was Thomas Knowles



Albert Langdon

Rank: Driver



Whittle le Woods


Was a boxer starting in 1913  whilst in the RFA and when posted to Folkstone up until 8 May 1915 had won 7 fights out of 8. 


Robert Livesey

Age: 20 and 9 months

Reg no: 5181

Enlisted at Chorley on 9th September 1914

12th Manchester Regiment


A weaver by trade

Father was Henry Livesey


Discharged as not likely to become a efficient soldier on 14th January 1915 after having a medical examination.... he had a deformed right arm.



Richard McIver

Age: 21

Reg no: 39581

Lancashire Fusiliers,


3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,  posted 5 April 1916

Was in "A" Reserve as 11 December 1915 until 2 April 1916

Enlisted at Preston on 3rd April 1916



Went to France as of 20 July 1916 until 14 September 1919 when he was discharged.


Suffered from a Gas attack on 22 November 1916, also recorded as missing. 

Im guessing he either found his way own back to his trenches or was found by others.

I think he may have been in the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers as of this date, which means he was at Beaumont-Hamel.


Lived at 3(?) Brownley Terrace, Clayton le Woods.


Mother as next of kin, Mary McIver.


Died on 27 July 1926

Buried St Bedes Chapel, Whittle le Woods


Harry Ramsbotham 




Witness to a theft, and gave chase, but due to his wounds could not carry on until a taxi pulled up and he managed to overtake and arrest them 




William Riding

He was discharged from the 8th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 2nd December 1914 after joining up in Chorley on the 31st August 1914

reason given -  

"Discharged not likely to be a efficient soldier"

"Due to incontinence of urine"


Thomas Riding

Joined the Border Regiment at Carlisle on 2nd November 1914 and went overseas in 1916.

Transfered to the Labour Company on 23rd February 1918

Then discharged due to a shell wound to his thigh on 4th April 1918

Being no longer physically for the service


Both older brothers of George Riding, KIA 


William Schofield

Rank: Pte

Town Lane, Whittle le Woods

1 Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment


As of 20 November 1915 


Wounded in Action.





James Snailham

Reg no: 15349

11th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.



On 7th September, after hearing about the recruitment from some of his friends, for the Chorley Pals. James Snailham walked the 3 miles from Whittle le Woods to the recruitment office at 17 Market Street, Chorley.

He was only 16 years old.


Worked at Swansey Printworks.



Mathias Spephenson

Born 1897

Age 23

Reg no: 35347 \ 51736

2nd Cavalry Regiment

Hussars of the Line

Kings Own Royal Lanc's Regiment

Royal Lanc's Depot


Enlisted 11 December 1916

To Reserves 12 December 1916

Mobolised and posted 18 April 1917


Posted to 1st Coy on 28 February 1918

Transfered to 803 AE Coy, Labour Corp on 13 December 1918

Posted to another unit  on 22 July 1919

Transfered on 28 July 1919 to Class "Z" Army for Demobolization 




Lived at Preston New Road, Clayton le Woods


Discharged on 15 October 1919  with Dysentry.




William Tuson

Born c1883

Reg no: 4479

Enlisted at Bury, Joined at London

1 Coldstream Guards


Enlisted on 4 December 1901


Transfered to Army Reserve as of 4 December 1904 on his expiration of his army service 4 December 1905.

Re-engaged as of 5 September 1913, for four years from 4 December 1913.

Mobolised at London on 5 August 1914.

Poste to various CG Battalions 

"wounded in the field" at least 3 times with GSW and shrap wounds

Finally Demobolised on 4 March 1919.

abourer as trade



S Walmsley

Rank: Pte 

Whittle le Woods

Loyal North Lancashire


Lancashire Evening Post, Friday 22 September 1916






Miles Weaver

Age: 35

Reg no:17960

7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Enlisted at Chorley on 10th November 1914 


Formally in the Volunteer Artillery, Preston for 7 years


Discharged as physically unfit for further war service on 13th April 1915







Richard Dean (Liz Dean info)


Anthony Eastham (Greg Eastham info)

Drove an ambulance\ medical corp

Worked at Mount Street Hospital.


Kenneth Hodginson

Home Guard


Later became an author. Writing about his youth and local history.



Sydney Tuson WW2

Dick  Tuson "

David Tuson "












































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