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Since 2014 I have been adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018 and into 2019, more pages have been added.

Including the Returned from Duty pages.


Whilst  doing my research  I have found  evidence of some soldiers who served

before 1914

So i have started a new page called Pre 1914

to record their names.


These pages show my progress in researching all the men who are on the memorial or served and  returned from duty from not only from WW1 and WW2, but any other war.


A few pictures are also included.


Discovering those who were demobilized, injured and found too young to serve. 


In the Gallery there are  extra pictures of their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thank you

John Melling








Served previous to 1914

Whilst researching for the men of 1914-1919 and 1939-1945 I have come across by accident some names of men associated with Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods who had served in pre 1914 theatres of war.


So with that in mind, I decided I will try and discover anyone serving in the armed forces PRE 1914





John Walmsley

Born c1779 in Whittle le Woods

Enlisted in 1810 Age 31

Sixth Regiment of Infantry


Discharged in 1827 Age 48



Henry Hacking

Born c1801 in Clayton le Woods

Reg no: 345

Rank: Pte

Enlisted in 1825

Nineteenth Regt Of Foot




Did he serve in Cephalonia, Greece


Discharged in 1846






J Clitheroe

Born c1862 in Clayton le Woods

Reg no: 1837

Enlisted in 1900

RNR Regiment ?






John  Clitheroe DOW/KIA WW1 with PRE 1914 service


Possible is the same person as above!


He served for 17 years in the Shropshire Light Infantry and took part in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882 and also in the Gordon Relief Expedition, Khartoum, Sudan in 1884-85 

His funeral at Whittle was attended by representatives of the Regiment and also from the R.A.M.C


Shropshire Light Infantry


The regiment was based on the 53rd Regimental District - Shrewsbury. The 1st battalion embarked for Egypt in 1882, took part in the Egyptian war ("Egypt, 1882"), and by 1885 was stationed on Malta; returning to Egypt in that year, it took part in the Soudan expedition ("Suakin, 1885") and then was sent back to Malta in 1887. The battalion was sent on to Hong Kong in 1891, and transferred to India in 1894; in 1895 it was at Fort William. The 2nd battalion returned to England from Bombay in 1881, and in 1885 was at Woolwich. The battalion was sent to Ireland in 1886; back to England in 1894 (at Portland in 1895); and in 1899 off to South Africa, where it added "South Africa, 1899-1902" and "Paardeberg" to the regimental honours.


John Tyrer

Born c1826 in Whittle le Woods

Reg no: 3738

Rank: Pte

Enlisted in 1855

Sixty-Third Regt of Infantry






Possible he served in the Crimean War



Discharged in 1860





John Bamber

Born c1811 in  Whittle le Woods

First Regiment of Life Guards


Discharged in 1829 age 18






John Coppock

Born in c1876

Age: 20

Reg no: 5117

Royal Scots Fusiliers


Enlisted on 26 March 1896 at Preston



Previously in the 5 Battalion North Lancashire Regiment


Discharged Termination of engagement section 10(?) on 25 March 1912 

After 8 years and 331 days



A Printworks Labourer as Trade


Married to Mary Ellen Lowe


At Parish Church, Withnell in 1905


Father is Ivan Coppock of Town Lane





Edward Jolly

Born c1790 Whittle le Woods

Age: 16

25th Foot Soldiers, 2nd Battalion on 23 August 1806

25th Foot Soldiers, 1st Battalion on 16 February 1809



Also known as Kings Own Borderers




1808:February – Barbados; St Kitts; flank companies to Martinique

1809:4 companies in MARTINIQUE; battalion re-united in Barbados

1810:January – Guadeloupe; St Martin; St Eustacius; St Kitts

1811:Leeward Islands

1812:Leeward Islands

1813:Leeward Islands; March – Guadeloupe

1814:Guadeloupe; December – 2 companies to Antigua, rest to Barbados

1815:Barbados; May – re-capture of Martinique; August – re-capture of Guadeloupe

1816:Barbados; St Vincent; home in June 1817 after 16 years away.


Died on 23 July 1815/16 in Barbados, either as a result of disease or in action?




Trade is a Weaver




Robert Heap


Spent 16 years in the 47th Regiment


5 of his sons would serve during WW1







Thomas Roper -  as of 2\5\2020

Born c1790 Whittle, Lancashire

Age: 19

25th Foot Soldiers, 1st Battalion


In service about 18 February 1809







Lawrence ?

Age: 22, rough guess he was born about 1784

Whittle le Woods

War of 1812


48th Foot Soldiers


Possibly enlisted circa 30 Dec 1806


A printer


Record is poor to read


William Jelley ?

Born Whittle le Woods

Possible age is 56?

Rank: Sargeant

6th Battalion



9 Apr 1850



Bleacher as Trade



John Critchley

Age: 19

Born Whittle le Woods

Reg no: 1643

8th Foot



Deserted on 25 May 1870 at Burnley



Trade was Collier


Richard Ollerton

Born in Whittle le Woods

Age 43

Reg no: 3290

Rank: Color Sergeant 

3 Royal West Surrey Regiment

Also Suffolks


Stationed in India


Height 5ft 9 1/2


Found from claims to pension book


Discharged 18 April 1893


Intending to live in Stoughton, Guildford, Surrey

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