Extra Returned from Duty Names A - Z

Due to running out of space in some of my pages and sections.

This new page will run roughly with new names discovered.


I have discovered 332 names so far as of 30\5\2022


A rough count up


332 RFD + (109) 106 KIA = 438 men living in Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods who served in WW1


The 106 KIA is minus the 3 mistakes on the memorial


I am missing at least 30 more names!


Richard Thomas Bowker

Born 14 March 1888


Rank: Pte

Reg no:37441

Lancashire Fusiliers





As of 8\3\2021 by a fluke, I have found Richard Thomas Bowker whilst searching for men from Clayton and Whittle.


His name came up in the WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST,  of NOVEMBER 20th, 1917. the Daily List of November 13th


Lancashire Fusiliers, Bowker 37441 R. T. (Whittle-le-Woods)



His name is on my family tree and years ago found a picture of him in uniform, but had no other details

He married Abigail Marsden, on 11 August 1908 at St John the Evangelist, Whittle le Woods, and it's through Abigail's side that I'm connected to R T Bowker.


In the 1911 census, he and his wife Abigail are living opposite the Cross Keys, Chorley Old Road


Richard T Bowker died on 4 April 1966



Peter Wrennall

Born 27 Jun 1885 in Whittle le Woods


Rank: Pte

Reg no: G/106475

Middlesex Regiment





Previously served as 36810, 9th Border Regiment and named in the Border Regiments wounded list in the WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST, OCTOBER 29th, 1918.
War Office Daily List of Oct. 23rd 


Son of John and Esther Wrennall

I believe I have found him in the 1939 register.

He is possibly married to Elizabeth A Brindle


They are living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods and both are Cotton Loom Weavers


He died on 26 March 1961 and was living at 7 Shaw Brow 




R Jackson - name on Methodist Church Roll 


No record found yet


Could it be Richard Jackson of Union Street in 1914-1916 Electoral Register?








Peter Riley- New find as of 1\2\2022

Born in 1887, Kirkham

Age: 30 in 1917?

Reg no: 81073


19 Kite Balloon Section


Lived at Chorley Old Rd, Whittle le Woods as of 1901, 1911 censuses 

Occupation is a Cotton Loom Weaver, as were all of his family


Son of Joseph and Ellen, he was 1 of 7 children.

Robert, Peter, Alice, Fanny, Ellen, Annie, and James.


On the left picture are Peter, his wife Martha Thompson, and baby Jim (James) in 1918

On the right picture is (left to right) Jim Wilcock, Jessie Thompson, married to Jim Wilcock (in 1916) also known as James H Wilcock, Jim Thompson, I'm guessing that is James Thompson, (Killed in Action, on the memorial, the brother of Jessie and Martha), Peter Riley, and Martha Thompson.



13 documents, including his ID tag, pictures 


Within Peters belongings, as clearly written down is a portion of 14 Balloon Sections, Balloon, burned by "Jerry" at Saulcourt near Villers-Faucon, France on September 22nd, 1918

It has been made into a wallet, which now contains the documents



Peter Riley died on 5 January 1930

Effects- £165

He and Martha were living at 8 Halls Terrace, Whittle le Woods at the time.


In 1939 Martha, a Widow is still living at the same address

Meanwhile, living at 3 Halls Terrace is James H Wilcock and Jessie with children


Peter Riley's belongings arrived on 8\2\2022, so I will be adding more information



The Balloon "wallet" and all the documents



Thomas Cooper- New as of 17\2\2022 

Born in 1889

Age: 27

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 040198, 70465




He was a Washer, Bleacher, and Calico Stitcher before the War at Mr. J Crossley of Shaw Hill


Thomas Cooper enlisted at Chorley on 26 February 1916

He was mobilized from 8 December 1917 and he served at Home and also in Salonika for 13 Months as a Storeman


His left eye was missing and during service, he lost his artificial eye and ended up replacing it at his own cost!

He also had problems with his right eye.


He was Transferred to Reserve on 6 February 1920 after serving 2 years and 61 days.


His wife was Fanny Cooper nee Allison and they lived at Clayton Cottages, Clayton Green


Still living at 1 Clayton Brook Cottages in 1939 with wife and a Daughter, Edith born 1 March 1922.




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