Military Awards and Mentioned in Despaches

All the local men who served during WW and WW2 would receive medals, however, there are some who performed above and beyond 




 5 of the men on the memorial were awarded the Military Medal (MM)


1) Thomas Bamber - approx 14 October 1916

2) Percy Clitheroe - 21st December 1916

3) Henry Hopwood - 19th February 1917

4) George Stephenson - 17th September 1917

5) Charles Moorcroft - 12th June 1918



Some of those who Returned From Duty  also have won medals or been Mentioned in Despatches


6) Christopher Livesey, 1/5th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment awarded the Military Medal (MM) was published in the London Gazette on 11th February 1919. 

I believe he was awarded it during the Battle of Amiens 8th August until 3rd September 1918


7) Norman Longton- Cheshire Regiment was awarded the Military Medal 



Found his name in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 18 June 1918

In the UK, British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920 but no picture


Need to try and trace it


On the service medal and award roll, it's said he served with -

6th Cheshire Reg

10th Cheshire Reg

7th Cheshire Reg



8) James Moon was awarded the Military Medal 




Whilst researching the men who Returned From Duty I discovered a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) awarded to


9) J C Johnson

Rank: L/Cpl (A Cpl)

Reg no: 37439

2/5 Lancashire Fusiliers 

Lived at Whittle le Woods


He was awarded the DCM on 15 November 1918 for actions taken as of 7.20 am on 24 August 1918 at Givenchy Ridge.






Walter Waterhouse


Age: 19 as of 1895

Rank: Pte, Sergeant (1911) CSM, RSM up to 1919

Reg no: 4929

1 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 15 August 1895

Joined at Preston on 16 August 1895

Promoted to L/Cpl on 11 March 1898 with extra pay

Promoted Cpl on 14 March 1900

Extended to complete 12 years with the colours on 3 November 1902

Promoted Sergeant on 9 February 1906

Promoted Company Q M Sergt as of 9 June 1914

Relinquished his new appointment and went back to CSM on 30 June 1914

Posted as missing

Prisoner of War as of 30 November 1914

Repatriated Prisoner, as CSM  on 18 November 1918

Elected to draw pension whilst serving as of 23 January 1919



Promoted on 20 June 1919 to (T)emp/ RSM


Discharged 19 April 1920 after approx 25 years of service 


Stationed away at Burtpore Barracks, Hants in 1911

Born in Accrington

The family lived in Whittle le Woods from 1891 to 1911

Parents are David and Mary Waterhouse


Living at Rockleigh, Horns Road, Stroud, Glos. as of Discharge


Living on a Pension of £92, 13, 7 per annum as of 23 June 1948 


South African Campaign


Wounded at Kalfontien on 23 May 1901


South African Medal & 3 Clasps

Kings Medal & 2 Clasps

Awarded Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct in 1914 

Entitled to wear to Clasp on his 1914 Star Medal and the Roses on the Star ribbon ( I think)


A bar clasp inscribed "5 Aug. to 22 Nov. 1914" was given to all those who qualified for the 1914 Star and who served under fire. Since the same ribbon is used with the 1914-15 Star, holders of the 1914 Star were permitted to wear a small silver rosette on their ribbon when the decoration itself is not worn. On the medal index cards, this is usually noted as the "Clasp and Roses" or "C&R" .It was necessary to apply for the issue of the clasp.



Mentioned in Sir John French's Despatches 8\10\1914?

London Gazette on 9\12\1914

Mentioned in Lord Kitchener's Despatch to Secretary of State for War dated Pretoria 8 July 1901

For good service during the attack on the enemy at Venterdorp on 23 May 1901?

London Gazette on August 20th, 1901?

Defence of Kimberley, Transvaal


Arnold (Ainsworth) Blackwell


Extracted from his record-


Brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War, by Gen H S, Lord Rawlinson, for valuable and distinguished services rendered in conjunction with the operations in North Russia during the period

1st March to 12th October 1919

London Gazette, 3\2\1920 









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