Extra Returned from Duty Names A - Z as of 2023


This new page is for more names discovered.


I have discovered 340 names so far as of 1\3\2024


A rough count-up


344 Returned From Duty + (109) 106 KIA = 450 men associated with Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods who served in WW1.


The 106 KIA is minus the 3 mistakes on the memorial


The percentage of men using the 1921 population of Whittle le Woods (as an example) of 1090 men



I am still missing at least 10 more names!


So let's say it's now 466 men =  This would mean that 42.75% of men from Whittle le Woods served in WW1




So far using the above example would mean the percentage of men from Whittle le Woods who died in WW1, out of the overall number of men who signed up is about 22%



Remembering our forgotten heroes


Richard Thomas Bowker

Born 14 March 1888

Age: 27 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 37441

Lancashire Fusiliers


Also 24530 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 

Also, 51334 Essex Regiment, Think this was the last Regiment he served in


As of 8\3\2021 by a fluke, I have found Richard Thomas Bowker whilst searching for men from Clayton and Whittle.


His name came up in the WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST,  of NOVEMBER 20th, 1917. The Daily List of November 13th


Lancashire Fusiliers, Bowker 37441 R. T. (Whittle-le-Woods)



I also found other Regiments he served in


His name is on my family tree and years ago found a picture of him in uniform, but had no other details

He married Abigail Marsden, on 11 August 1908 at St John the Evangelist, Whittle le Woods, and it's through Abigail's side that I'm connected to R T Bowker.


Played plenty of Cricket


In the 1911 census, he and his wife Abigail are living opposite the Cross Keys, Chorley Old Road


Richard T Bowker died on 4 April 1966



Peter Wrennall

Born 27 Jun 1885 in Whittle le Woods

Age: 30 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: G/106475

Middlesex Regiment





Previously served as 36810, 9th Border Regiment and named in the Border Regiments wounded list in the WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST, OCTOBER 29th, 1918.
War Office Daily List of Oct. 23rd 


Son of John and Esther Wrennall

I believe I have found him in the 1939 register.

He is possibly married to Elizabeth A Brindle


They are living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods and both are Cotton Loom Weavers


He died on 26 March 1961 and was living at 7 Shaw Brow 




R Jackson - name on Methodist Church Roll 




Reg no:


No record found yet


Could it be Richard Jackson of Union Street in the 1914-1916 Electoral Register?


Richard Jackson, born 16 January 1877, Turpin Green, Leyland

Married to Betsy Ellen Kenyon on 14 April 1906,  Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Whittle le Woods


In 1911, he was a Cotton Loom Weaver



William, Alice, Robert, Fred, Eli, Sarah 


Died in 1944, age 67


Parents were Robert Jackson and Alice 

Siblings, Harry Jackson, 1880, who also served in WW1.

Margaret, 1873, 




Peter Riley- New find as of 1\2\2022

Born in 1887, Kirkham

Age: 30 in 1917?

Reg no: 81073


19 Kite Balloon Section


Lived at Chorley Old Rd, Whittle le Woods as of 1901, 1911 censuses 

His occupation is a Cotton Loom Weaver, as were all of his family


Son of Joseph and Ellen, he was 1 of 7 children.

Robert (RFC\RAF) see profile 340 below, Peter, Alice, Fanny, Ellen, Annie, and James.


As for the pictures above-

On the left picture are Peter, his wife Martha Thompson, and baby Jim (James) in 1918

On the right picture is (left to right) Jim Wilcock, Jessie Thompson, married to Jim Wilcock (in 1916) also known as James H Wilcock, Jim Thompson, I'm guessing that is James Thompson, (Killed in Action, on the memorial, the brother of Jessie and Martha), Peter Riley, and Martha Thompson.



Peter received a letter either by post or handed to him, dated 6 December 1915 from the Chorley Division Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, regarding Peter's acceptance to enlist under the Lord Derby's Scheme


The exact words handwritten on the letter were


"Go and be attested at the Parish Club, Whittle-le-Woods, on Thursday, Dec 9th

A recruiting officer will attend from 7 to 9 pm"


I guess he would turn up to the Parish Club on 9 December 1915 to be attested.


On 24 August 1917, a letter was received by his wife stating that Peter was ill at 39 Stationary Hospital, Aire

Admitted on 10 August 1917, suffering from Myalgia (Muscular Rheumatism) Mild.

He would be Discharged from the Hospital to Duty on 18 August 1917



He and Martha were living at 8 Halls Terrace, Whittle le Woods at the time.

During and after the war they had children, James 1916, Frederick 1920, Frank 1924, Thomas 1925,



In 1939 Martha, a Widow is still living at the same address

Meanwhile, living at 3 Halls Terrace are James H. Wilcock and Jessie with children


Peter Riley's belongings arrived on 8\2\2022, so I will be adding more information


13 documents, including his ID tag, pictures 


Within Peter's belongings, as written down is a portion of 14 Balloon Sections, Balloon, burned by "Jerry" at Saulcourt near Villers-Faucon, France on September 22nd, 1918

It has been made into a wallet, which now contains the documents


Peter Riley died on 5 January 1930

Effects- £165



The Balloon "wallet" and all the documents



Thomas Cooper- New as of 17\2\2022 

Born in 1889

Age: 27

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 040198, 70465




He was a Washer, Bleacher, and Calico Stitcher before the War at Mr. J Crossley of Shaw Hill


Thomas Cooper enlisted at Chorley on 26 February 1916

He was mobilized from 8 December 1917 and he served at Home and also in Salonika for 13 Months as a Storeman


His left eye was missing and during service, he lost his artificial eye and ended up replacing it at his own cost!

He also had problems with his right eye.


He was Transferred to Reserve on 6 February 1920 after serving 2 years and 61 days.


His wife was Fanny Cooper nee Allison and they lived at Clayton Cottages, Clayton Green


Still living at 1 Clayton Brook Cottages in 1939 with wife and a Daughter, Edith born 1 March 1922.




Walter Wrennall - New as of 26\11\2022

Born in 1890, Whittle le Woods

Age: 25, 9 months 


Reg no:40031

Labour Corp


Before enlisting Water Wrennell worked at Low Mill Printing co as Packer




In 1891, aged just 1, he lived with his parents, John and Esther, Agnes, Elizabeth E, James, Alice, Ernest, George, William, Peter, and Henry. 

10 children as of 1891, and they lived at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods

In 1901 John is now a widower and there are 2 more sons, Walter and Percy.

Still living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods


In 1911, Walter now age 21 was employed in the Packing Room at the Calico Printers

Still living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods.


Enlisted on 9 November 1915. his name however is not on the 1914-15 Roll of Honour


Varicose Veins on the left leg caused due to putties and active service conditions started in 1917

Always been deaf in one of his ears


Demobilized and transferred to Class "Z" on 28 September 1919 

The home address is Shaw Brow

In 1939, he lived at "Greenbank", Watkin Road

Married to Edith and they have a Daughter Leslie M, born 21 June 1924, died 2003




I think Walter Wrennall died in early 1979


Still plenty of information to extract from his service record



Fred Bamber- Need to check




Reg no:


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Hill Top Farm Whittle-le-woods in 1911


Due to a similarly named person, I believe this man to be a new name!






Born in 1893, Whittle le Woods

Age: 21, 7 months?

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 21054

14 Battalion Kings Liverpool Regiment


Also served in 18 Kings Liverpool Regiment



5ft 5 1/2

Hairdresser as trade



Enlisted on 3 November 1914 at Chorley 

Date of Entry, 4 September 1915

Served in France

Demobilized on 19 March 1919



Sister, Ann McIvor living at Swansea Fold, Clayton le Woods

Brother of George McIvor, Killed in Action

His parents were John Thomas McIvor and Mary







Frank Robinson Fowler- NEW as of 1\9\2023

Born on 9 December 1899, Whittle le Woods 

Age: 17 and 11 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 24204

11 East Lancashire Regiment


5ft 9, 1/2


Did a lot of running and smoked a packet of cigarettes daily




Frank Robinson Fowler Enlisted on 4 December 1917 at Chorley



In 1911, he was the son of David Fowler, a Grocer and Draper, and Mary Alice Robinson, Assistant the the business

They married in 1898, Chorley


Two brothers, Even Bertram Fowler, (says dead on the census), and Ronald William Fowler


They lived at Oak Dene, Clayton le Woods as of his Enlistment


As of 11 January 1918, he was with the 53rd (Young Soldier) Battalion, a basic recruit training unit of the Manchester Regiment


Then posted to the 28th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Artists Rifles)


Transferred to two regiments that I can't make out, possibly 51st 


On 2 May 1918 with the 51st Graduated Battalion and appointed unpaid acting L\Cpl


Reverts to Pte on proceeding overseas on 14 June 1918


He is serving in 11 East Lancashire Regiment as of 2 July 1918 as 32023


Possibly X coy? In the field as of 4 July 1918


On 5 August 1918, picked up by 95 field ambulance suffering from Scabies 


Rejoins Regiment on 10 August 1918


I believe they were in action at the River Warnave near Ploegsteert from the 4th to the 13th of September 1918


Prisoner of War between 5 September 1918 and 3 December 1918


Repatriated Prisoner of War on 4 December 1918


Attaches to an unreadable unit again as of February 1919


Posted again to the B coy, Depot East Lancashire Regiment on 2 June 1919



Frank was a Bank Clerk as of 19 May 1919, when his dad died


Transferred to class "Z" and Demobilized as of 13 July 1919



Looks like he joined or rejoined the Whittle Harriers as of 29th September 1919, barely 2 months after being demobilized.


Living at 67 Carrington Road, Chorley 


In think in 1939, he is married to Margaret Smith

Children - Peter D Fowler, born 26 July 1915 married Esther Marguerite Frugier in 1948



Frank R Fowler Died on 26 December 1954



Found his name via an interesting post by Eric Bell on the Whittle-le-Woods Pics & Memories Old & New Facebook page





Gerald Snape - Possible, NEW 6\9\2023

Born 19 Feb 1900, Whittle le Woods

Age: 18

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 2701

C coy, Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division Short Service



5ft 6 1/14



As of the 1911 census, Gerald Snape was the son of Henry, a Brewer's Labourer at Whittle Springs Brewery and Co, and Lucy Livesey, Married in 1898 at Chorley

He has siblings, Mary Agnes, Ada, Lucy, and John


Living at Whittle Springs


He Enlisted on 15 March 1918, at Liverpool not long after his 18th Birthday

Recruit, Depot, Deal, he was Discharged on 31 December 1918

1 January 1919 until 11 June 1919 when he was Demobized


Character: Very Good


Print Worker as trade


Next of Kin is Mother, Lucy, Higher Copthurst


He was still living in Whittle le Woods as of the 1921 Census with family and a new sister Monica


Now working at the C P A Bleachers, Dryers and Finishers, Low Mill, Whittle le Woods




Levi Hill- More to add

Born in 1882

Age: 33, and 60 days

Rank: Pte, Pioneer 

Reg no: 266108

1/12th Battalion (Pioneers) The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment





He was 5ft, 5


A Baker by Trade


He Enlisted at Hindley on 12 December 1915 and was put in Army Reserve the next day

On 5 July 1916 he was posted to the 1/12th Battalion (Pioneers) The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Transferred to Labour Corp as 604647 on 8 July 1917 and posted to 793 Area Employment Coy,


Pain in the back and chest

Weakness in legs

Gassed roughly about 7 September 1917

Caused by gas shells


And sent to 59th General Hospital, St Omer, France 


Transferred to Class "Z" Army Reserve and Demobilized on 30 April 1919


His address was Victoria Terrace, Clayton le Woods 


In 1921, Levi Hill, a Baker and Confectioner, and his wife Ellen ?, a Shop Assistant

Both of Levi Hill Co


Children are-

Elsie, age 17, a Mill Operative at Swansea Mill

Gladys, age 14, a Mill Operative at Swansea Mill

Redgie, age 12, at Part-time School and looks like he did some work at Levi Hill Co 

Arnold, age 8, at School


Member of the Independent Order of Oddfelllows


Died 26 February 1930





Ralph Thurston Simm- Possible new person to check 3\2\2024

Born 3 July 1899, Whittle le Woods 


Rank: Pte

Reg no: 160507 




Enlisted on ?


Also served with-


44530, South Lancashire Regiment 

49008, North Lancashire Lancashire Regiment


In 1911 he is living with his family on Town Lane, Whittle le Woods.

Son of Henry Simm, a Labourer at the Calico Print Works, and Sarah ?, a Cotton Weaver 

Sister is Margaret Mary Simm.


In 1921 the family is still living on Town Lane, Whittle le Woods

Ralph Thurston Simm is aged 21, and 11 months

He is a Cloth Looker, in a Cotton Mill. working for Peter Todd & Co, Wheelton 


Ralph Thurston Simm married Eleanor Robinson in 1924, Chorley 


Ralph Thurston Simm is living at 31 Botany Brow in 1939 with wife Eleanor Robinson 


He died on 22 May 1977




Robert Riley- Possible new person to check 3\2\2024

Born in 1885, Whittle le Woods

Age: 32

Service no: 81074

Rank: Pte






Found his record by accident while looking at someone else's record

in the UK, WWI, Daily Reports: Missing, Dead, Wounded and POWs, 1914-1918



In 1911 Robert Riley, Annie, and Alfred are living on Chorley Old Road


He was a Cotton Weaver before enlisting


5ft 10,1/4  


Served in France from 26 June 1917 to 26 June 1919

British War Medal and Victory Medal


Enlisted on 14 May 1917 into the RFC (1 April 1918- RAF)


Wounded on 17 October 1918 and admitted to 1 Con Def (?) Boulogne, France**

From 20 B section to 4 Squadron on 25 October 1918

4 Squadron to 12 AP on 6 February 1919

12 AP to 79 Squadron on  14 February 1919

79 Squadron to No3 ???? on 26 June 1919


He married Annie Louisa Moorcroft on 12 June 1907, at St John The Evangelist, Whittle le Woods



Alfred Riley, born 19 December 1907


Living at 7 Halls Terrace, Whittle le Woods on his record


**I think that is Number 1 Convalescent Depot, Boulogne, France



Died 24 Mar 1929


Buried in  St John the Evangelist Churchyard


He is the Brother of Peter Riley, listed further up!




Gerald Evan Thwaites- New as of 23\2\2024

Born 1883, St Leonards Newark, Nottinghamshire

Age: about 31 in 1914

Rank: Pte

Reg no: Oa210753?

Royal Army Service Corps



Served in France


Also possible Rank: Lt


Living at Highcliffe, Whittle le Woods in 1915 Electoral Register


Greenfield, Whittle le Woods on Medal Card


In 1911, Gerald Evan Thwaites, an Under Brewer, was married to Irene Marion Fletcher.

They have been married for 2 years and have a son called Leslie Hugh Thwaites

Also 2 servants and a Nurse



Still living in whittle le Woods in 1921


Decendant of Daniel Thwaites, Brewery owner


The Brewery business is still very much active




Archer Booth- need to check- New as of 23\2\2024

Born 1884, Blackburn


Rank: Pte

Reg no:  24706


6 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


His name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour


Enlisted on 10 December 1915


Served overseas



His Parents are Thomas Booth and Matilda.


1901, living in Clayton le Woods

1911, a Tape Sizer, living at New Road Parade, Clayton le Woods

Archer Booth married Agnes Jemieston in 1914, St George, Chorley

This marriage certificate would likely confirm where he was living 


1921, living in Clayton le Woods


Discharged on 12 August 1919, suffering from Dysentry and Debility

8 County Terrace, Clayton le Woods


Received Silver War Badge


He died in June 1965


255 Preston Road as of 12 June 1965



William Westhead- New as of 23\2\2024

Born 21 September 1896, Clayton Green

Age: 19 years, 21 days

Rank: Pte

Reg no:

Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division Short Service





In the 1911 census, he is living at Naylors Fold, Whittle le Woods


Son of Thomas Westhead, and Ellen Walmsley


He is one of six children


**Walter, Herbert, William, John, Mary, and Ellen


He Enlisted on 12 October 1915 at Liverpool


His record says Father, T Westhead, Mill Lane, Clayton le Woods


Roman Catholic 


A Weaver


5ft 3


A Coy, Plymouth

"Victory" (RM Bde) Blandford

Was this -

3rd Royal Marine or ‘Victory’ Brigade


Discharged as of 13 December 1916



Character - Very Good


In the 1921 census, William Westhead is living in Clayton le Woods


Still at Mill Lane, his father Thomas Westhead is now a Widower, employed as a Cotton Weaver at Brindle's Ltd, Cotton Manufacturing Co, Kem Mill 


His Brother ** Walter Westhead was Killed in Action, His name is on the War Memorial 


The rest of his siblings are also at home and almost all are employed as Cotton Weavers at Brindle's Ltd, Cotton Manufacturing Co, Kem Mill 


Ellen Westhead, however, is a Cotton Winder at Lawrence Cotton, Swansey Mill





















Above is a picture of him with his brothers left to right are Robert, Edward, Richard, and Albert

The picture is misleading as the cap badges are different, even though the writer says they all belong to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment!


As of WW1, Robert and Albert seem to have moved away towards the Chorley area 


Richard Moorcroft- Need to check and research more!!

Born in 1871



Reg no:

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment?



Father of Charles Moorcroft- Killed in Action


Died on 4 April 1935 at Ribblesdale Terrace, Whittle le Woods

Widow was Ellen Moorcroft

Effects- £283, 10s 




Another picture, gratefully sent to me by Colin Moorcroft

Is said to depict Richard Moorcroft, a little younger(?)


Wearing a Loyal North Lancashire Regiment uniform



















Colin Moorcroft - Possible 

Born 1893, Whittle le Woods


Was found unfit at the Forces Medical ( heart problems, he lived to be 80+



No idea when, where, or who he tried to join up with. 




Married Jane King in 1914


In 1921 they are living at Naylors Fold, home of a widow, Alice King

Colin Moorcroft was a Rubber Worker, Heel Pad Dept at Wood Milne 


In 1939, he was living at 1 Ribblesdale Terrace

With Jane, Edith, and Maggie


Lived in Whittle le Woods until 1974, when he died at age 81



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