Returned From Duty

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Remembering our forgotten heroes



Harry Ramsbottom 


Age: 31

Reg no: 80184

Rank: Gunner



Enlisted on 16 November 1915 at Chorley


He is a Skilled Labourer and living at 5 Waterhouse Green


Shrapnel wounds to feet

GSW Head


As of 19 May 2020, I have found his name in the RGA wounded list in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 04 December 1917


Whilst on furlong he was witness to theft and gave chase, but due to his wounds could not carry on until a taxi pulled up and he managed to overtake and arrest them.


An article in the local newspaper at the time described the heroic deed!


Married Beatrice Moorcroft and had children Margaret and Kathleen.


Discharged in 1918.


In 1921 Harry Ramsbottom and his family were living at 14 Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods

Harry is unable to work and that leaves Beatrice, as a Cotton Weaver, and employed at JN Boothman

Swansea Mill, it says out of work

Margaret and Kathleen are at school




Edward Ramsbotham


Reg no: 51362

Rank: Pte

1/5 East Lancashire Regiment

As of 26 November 1918


As of Enlistment, he is living at Sea View Cottages, Whittle le Woods



Edward Ramsbotham enlisted on 9 December 1915 and was put into the Army Reserve on 10 December 1915.


On 25 July 1918, he was mobilized and posted at the Depot of the East Lancashire Regiment as of 26 July 1918.


On 29 July 1918, he joined the 3 East Lancashire Regiment at Saltburn.


As of 22 November 1918, he was posted with the 3 East Lancashire Regiment and sent over as part of the BEF to France.

Embarking on 23 November 1918.

At some point, he joined H Depot and then he was posted to the 11 East Lancashire Regiment 

Reposted to the 1/5 East Lancashire Regiment on 26 November 1918.


On 7 December 1918, he is "In the field" 


He was Demobilized and transferred to Class Z Army Reserve on 20 February 1919, whilst at Dunkirk


Served 3 years and 104 Days


Living at Shaw Hill Cottage, Whittle le Woods


Married Edith Stringfellow



Water House Green in 1949 at the time of death. 





James Ramsbotham- Another interesting profile

Born in 1883

Age: 32, and 5 months

Reg no: 3318

Rank: Pte

A/B, 2/4 Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment


1/4 Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment?

1 Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment as 200898



Enlisted on 22 April 1915 at Chorley

Lived at 4 Waterhouse Green, Whittle le Woods


Based at Chorley from 22 April 1915 until 2 June 1916

Expeditionary Force to France from 3 June 1916 until 24 November 1917

Home again from 25 November 1917 until 4 September 1918

France again from 5(?) September 1918 until 10 October 1918

Home from 11 October 1918


Posted to 4 Battalion, Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

On 4 April 1916 whilst at Blackpool, whilst on active service he is caught by CSM Robinson

1) Smoking whilst on the march

2) Not complying with an order


Punishment is 3 Days CB


Sent over to France on 3 June 1916


Wounded in Action on 20 November 1917

On 25 November 1917 until 5 January 1918, he is admitted to the Hospital with shrapnel wounds to his left hand

(42 days)




Whilst at Heaton Park, on 21 January 1918 he is Absent from Duty (Police Piquet) at 12 midnight

Punishment is 3 Days CB


On 14 July 1918, He is Medically Examined and had Hyper Astigmatism, glasses will be supplied


On 4 September 1918, he is posted to the "C" coy of 1 Battalion, Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, and joins them in the field on 7 September 1918

He is Wounded in Action, on 29\30th September with G.S.W right shoulder, and admitted to X1(?) Field Ambulance

Moved to 23 CCS

Moved to 26 General Hospital, Etaples

Sent back to England via PRINCESS ELIZABETH on 10 October 1918

As of 11 October 1918, he is at St Michaels Auxiliary Hospital, Brampton, and Fusehill War Hospital, Carlisle 

notes say bomb wnd, v i.i Back of R Shoulder

(36 Days)

As of 23 November 1918, he is taken on strength and posted to "J" Coy, Heaton Park

Medical Examination at Heaton Park on 16 December 1918



Demobilized on  8 January 1919



His Wife's name is Margaret, 4 Town Lane, Whittle le Woods

Children- Margaret was born on 11 August 1913 




John Ramsbotham 

Born in 1885, Whittle le Woods

Age: 30

Reg no: 123663

Rank: Gunner

355 Siege Battery, RGA


Served with 32 Coy as of 8 October 1916 then 355 SB as of 19 January 1917.



Enlisted at Chorley on 15 November 1915


On 1 December 1917 is taken to hospital with Influenza

Granted leave to the UK about 1 March 1918

On 5 April 1918  posted to 282 SB

3 May 1918 admitted as wounded


Wounded a couple of occasions-

1 May 1918 - Legs, face, and left hand

And then Wounded again on 7 June 1918 with GSW to the leg, and right thigh, the extra small note says thumb and face 

Invalided back to England


25 October 1918 until ? November 1918 suffering from Influenza 


As of 19 May 2020 -

I found his name whilst looking in the RGA wounded list in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 16 July 1918


Next of kin is his Sister, M E Ramsbotham of the Bay Horse Hotel, Whittle le Woods


Both, his parents James Ramsbotham and Margaret nee Tuson had died


His trade was a licensed victualler


Demobilized as of 10 February 1919 I think.


Died 27 March 1947, of the Sea View Inn





James Carr Reynard


Age: 19

Reg no: 33078

Rank: Driver

170 Brigade RFA


Enlisted on 8 November 1915 at Chorley


A Clerk by trade


Born in Accrington


In 1911 his family lived at West View Terrace, Whittle le Woods


On enlistment, he is living at East Grove, Whittle le Woods


Moved to Manchester? during service.


Suffered from Influenza in 1916 and was sent to Newcastle on Tyne Hospital.


8th Mobile AA Bty, RGA?


Demobilized on 21 January 1919




Bernard Richards

Born 12 June 1886 at Fence

Age: 28

Rank: Pte, Cpl, QMS(?)

Reg no: 8099

1 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Old Contemptible




In 1891 his family was living at the Schoolhouse in Whittle le Woods

In 1901 his family was living at 104 Park Road, Chorley

His parents were Arthur Jas Richardson, the School Master, and Emily Jane Willetts


He left home and joined the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in 1904, Possibly 18 November 1904


In 1909 he would get married to Alice Coates in Ireland at the Garrison Church, Curragh Camp, Ireland


I think I have him as being at Fulwood Barracks in 1911, Corporal, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 


He fought in the retreat from Mon's, and on being invalided out of the army in 1918 he held the rank of Quarter Master Sergeant (?) Possibly on 6 February 1918

Discharged with Sickness, Medically unfit


He would rejoin on 27 October 1939 and be posted to France on 9 December, ending up being Dunkirk and presumed dead.


He was found to be working at the War Office, going around the country using a van and loudspeaker for recruiting campaigns.


I wonder if he ever came back up to Clayton and Whittle?


Later he was posted to the Kings Own Liverpool Regiment ( this must be wrong!) at Chilmark, Salisbury with the rank of Company Sergeant Major


He was discharged in 1942 and started working at Whiteheads in Staines on munitions.until the end of the war


Returning to Weymouth he became a deck chair attendant and then a beach inspector during the season and at Roberts sweet factory in winter


Secretary of the Westham branch of the Conservative Association 

Also involved with the Salvation Army


Died Age 72 at Weymouth and was given a Semi-Military funeral




Henry Riding

Born 1877

Age: 37

Reg no: 17963

Rank: Pte

7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Preston Pal ?


Enlisted on 10 November 1914 at Chorley


Discharged for being physically unfit for further war service on 13 April 1915


Married to Margaret Whittle

Children are Sarah, Alice, George, Amelia, Harry, Nellie 


An Overlooker by trade


On his Pension Ledger is says he lived at Mount Pleasant, Whittle le Woods






William Riding

Born in 1888, Blackburn

Age: 26

Rank: Pte

Reg No: 12707

8th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Name is on Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


He was discharged from the 8th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 2nd December 1914 after joining up in Chorley on the 31st August 1914


The reason was given -  

"Discharged not likely to be an efficient soldier"

"Due to the incontinence of urine"




Living at Chorley Old Rd, Whittle le Woods in 1911




Thomas Riding

Born in 1885, Whittle le Woods

Age: 29

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 528788

W C Labour Corp



Previously in the 8 Battalion, Border Regiment 16485


Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Joined the Border Regiment at Carlisle on 2nd November 1914 and went overseas in 1916.

Transferred to the Labour Company on 23rd February 1918


Then Discharged due to a shell wound to his thigh on 4th April 1918

Being no longer physically for the service


Served in France


Both above are older brothers of George Riding, KIA 







Walter Riley

Born in 1877

Age: 38 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 670803

Labour Corp


Enlisted between 1914-1915



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Formerly 21794 Cheshire Regiment


He was a Machine Printer Labourer at the Calico works

Married to Ellen 

The children are Eleanor and Annie

Living at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods in 1911


17 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods


Discharged as 26 Feb 1919 according to the pension card, likely due to illness or injury.


In 1921 he was living in Whittle le Woods 




Stephen Robinson - possible

Born 1896

Age: 19


Reg no:


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Living at 1 Mount Pleasant in 1911 with parents George Henry, and Alice Robinson








William Robinson

Born on 1 May 1889

Age: 25, and 133 days

Reg no: 12772

Rank: Pte

3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment





Married Sarah Alice Todd


Lived at Waterhouse Green as of 1911,

They had children-

Albert Lewis, Hilda, Stanley, William


Trade was a Calico Printers Labourer


Lived at 5 Town Lane, Whittle le Woods as of enlistment


William Robinson, Enlisted on 1 September 1914 at Chorley


He was posted to 8(?) Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Depot

Whilst in action on 1 May 1916, he was wounded and sent home to England

On 7 May 1916, he was at the Military Hospital, Lewisham as he was injured with a GSW to the Right hand

Then posted to the 3 Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 10 September 1916

Posted to W.Command Depot on 25 January 1917, still with the 3 Battalion, and posted 4 July 1917



Discharged on 31 July 1917 as no longer physically fit for war service 


On his pension card, it says he died on 17 September 1918 of a Gastric Ulcer, Perforation







Charles Ronksley, Also known as John Charles Ronksley

Born in 1894

Age: 21

Rank: L/Cpl

Reg no: 13781

9 South Lancashire Regiment






Charles Ronksley Enlisted on  6 September 1915


He was Demobilized on 23 April 1919 after serving in France 


Married Lillie Coles in 1921


Died in 1979



Brother of below





Isaac Ronksley

Born in 1883

Age: 31

Reg no: 13419

Rank: Pte

10 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 2 September 1914.

He is promoted to L/Cpl on 1 December 1914

Reverted to Private for being "drunk on duty" on 11 April 1915




Repatriated Prisoner of War on 26 December 1918 


As of 19 May 2020, I have found his name in the list of Loyal North Lancashire Regiment men released prisoners of war from Germany found in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 14 January 1919


Demobilized on 1 April 1919


Claimed for disability with GSW to Left(?) Lung


Married Elizabeth Hall on 1 May 1909 at Sacred Heart, Chorley

Children, Sarah Ellen, John, May


Lived at Sea View Cottage as of 1914


Must have moved to 41 Blackstone Road, Chorley in 1919


Parents are John and Sarah Ronksley of New Road Parade? in 1911

All the family are Calico Printers\Weavers




Fred Salisbury

Born 1898


Reg no: 216715

Rank: Loader



2455, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Depot 



Fred Salisbury enlisted at Chorley on 3 June 1916


5ft 5 1/12


Embarked at Southhampton on SS Connaught to Havre, France on 9\10th November 1916  

Home service until 2 October 1916 then to France from 9 November 1916 to 9 November 1919


On 29 November 1916, he is posted to 4th L of C Supply co


On 22 February 1918, at Rouen, a medical check-up found he had defective vision 

Was with the 5th L of C Supply co(?) wh he was Demobilized 9 December 1919


Lived at Kem Mill, Whittle le Woods 


Father is John Henry Salisbury





Wilfrid Schofield 

Born 1887 Carrbrook, Cheshire

Age: 28 in 1915

Rank: Pte 

Reg no: 8157

1 Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment


also 6 East Lancashire Regiment




His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-15 Roll of Honour


Parents are George and Rachel Schofield of Shaw Brow in 1901


He Married on 18 Apr 1908 Leyland, St Ambrose to Margaret Eleanor Braithwaite.


In 1911 they are with children, Fredrick, Francis, and Wilfrid.

Living at Lancaster Lane, Clayton le Woods


A Labourer at the Rubber Works


Wilfrid Schofield Enlisted on 22 August 1914 


Perhaps this may of been a reason, as well as the declaration of war--


He was Bailed at Prison on 7 May 1914 after being caught for breaking and entering a building within the curtilage of the dwellinghouse of John Whittaker and stealing therein 2 gills of rum and other articles, his property at Whittle le Woods on the 5th May 1914


Pleaded guilty of breaking into a building within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse and larceny


Ordered to enter into his own recognises in the sum of £5 to keep the peace and to be of good behaviour for 3 years and come up for judgment if called upon


As of Wednesday 10 November 1915, he lived at Town Lane, Whittle le Woods




Preston Herald - Saturday 20 November 1915

William Schofield




Reg no: 






His name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour!


Looks like this could actually be Wilfrid Schofield as above!





John Sergeant


Age: 36

Reg no: 161772

Rank: Pte

2nd Garrison Battalion, Suffolk Regiment

Labour Corp

541 Agri Coy



Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Chorley

Lived at Mount Pleasant as of enlistment


Demobilized on 25 December 1919 and was living at 3 Union Street



Married to Else Maud Morris

They had children,  Doris, Gladys, Ella, and Olive.


Moulder at Rubber Works


Moved to Abbey Village before 1921





William Shorrock- Another interesting soldier

Born in 1878, New Mill

Age: 23 on enlistment in 1901

Age: 36 in 1914

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 4478

3 Battalion Coldstream Guards


Enlisted at Bury on 4 December 1901

Joined at London on 6 December 1901


Transferred from "A" Reserve, Section A to Section B on 4 December 1905

Re-engaged for Section D on 22 October 1913 for 4 years from 4 December 1913.

Mobilized in London on 5 August 1914 and posted to the Reserve Battalion

Then posted to the 3 Battalion on 11 September 1914

4 Battalion on 5 March 1915

5 Battalion on 12 August 1915

1 Battalion on 5 October 1915

Continued in service under the Military Service Act of 1916



He was wounded  with GSW to the Right side near Guinchy on 14 February 1915

On 16 February 1915, GSW Chest sent to 10 Gen Hospital at Rouen

On 3 March 1915, GSW to Groin, Sent to England

On the same day posted to 4 Battalion and admitted to the Royal Infirmary, Sunderland

On 5 October 1915 returned to the "Field", Joining the 1 Battalion

12 July 1917 on leave to the UK

17 August 1918 granted leave to the UK

21 September 1918 to 3rd Army Rest Camp

5 October 1918 his war pay increased 

3 February 1919 at Heaton Park


Demobilized on 4 March 1919



Possible he was living at Clayton Green in 1911

A Cotton Weaver

Married to Mary Prescott

They had children Agnes, Ann, and David


He is the brother of John Shorrocks, Killed in Action 






John Sharples

Born 1889



Reg no:


Possible of Holt Lane 



Died 1944







Robert Sherrington

Born in 1893

Age: 21

Reg no: 11672

Rank: Pte, then promoted L/Cpl, Sgt

6 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Enlisted at Chorley on 25 August 1914 

Joined at Preston on 25 August 1914


Whilst at Tidworth - Offence Committed

Absent from Church Parade at 8.40 am on 18 October 1914, punishment - reprimanded



Last posting to 3 Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment before being discharged for being surplus to military requirements having suffered from impairment since entry into service on 26 February 1919


Lived at Moss Terrace, Whittle le Woods in 1911

Weaver by trade

His parents are William, a Drayman at the Brewery, and Susanna, and his siblings are

Alice, Florence, Elsie, and Gladys.



GSW to Left Leg

Slight Synovitis Right Knee


Moved to 39 Albert Terrace,  Lytham St Annes




Charles Singleton

Born c1880

Age: 34 in 1914

Reg no: 147245

Rank: Pte






Service starts about  9 June 1916  


Discharged on 28 March 1919


Lived at Town Lane at the time and onwards to 1939


Married to Helena?

Their Daughter,  Bessie Wareing Singleton born in 1911, possibly married Richard Prescott


Charles Singleton would pass away 1 month after the 1939 census was taken.





John Singleton




Reg no:


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 


A possible match for this man, found in the Electoral Roll

Living at Sheep Hill Lane, Clayton Green 











Herbert Slater

Born in 1894

Age: 23

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 203682

9 & 10 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Herbert Slater Enlisted on 4 January 1917


He was injured by GSW to his ankle



Discharged as of 7 June 1919 and is living at 2 Rock Villa Cottages, Mount Pleasant in Whittle le Woods





James Slater - possible

Born in 1879, Chorley

Age: 36

Reg no:



Think he lived at  Whittle Springs in 1911

And he is a Drayman at the Brewery

Most likely at Whittle Springs


Dark Lane as of 1914 - 1916 Electoral Register


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour



Still in Whittle le Woods in 1921?





Albert Smith




Reg no:


No record found yet


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour



Could be 10 Royal Hussars

Serving in India



Likely the brother of the below





Joseph Smith


No record found yet but as of 28\2\2021, I found this information in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) for Tuesday 10 July 1918







J Smith 



Rank: Pte

Reg no: 11177 

1 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


The date of Embarkation is 27 April 1915 and he served in France


This ties in with Joseph Smith's name being on the Whittle le Woods Roll of Honour 1914 - 1915



Entitled to wear a "Wound Stripe" as authorized under Army Order 204 of 6th July 1916




A Smith family is living at Dark Lane in 1901 with Albert Smith (above) and Joseph Smith

and a J. T. Smith 




James Snailham - Underage soldier

Born on 13 March 1898

Age: 16 years, 6 months, 5 days

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15349

11th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

And then the 6th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 17 September 1914


He was 16 years, 4 months, 22 days as of 4 August 1914 when Britain declared war.



His mother Ellen Nelson lived at 10 Dickinson Terrace, Whittle le Woods

James Snailham was illegitimate


He started work as a Weaver but hated doing it and went instead to the Rubber Works at Leyland 


On 17th September, aged 16 years, 6 months, 5 days after hearing about the recruitment from some of his friends on the football team who he played with every Saturday. He would decide to go with them, walking the 3 miles from Whittle le Woods to the recruitment office at 17 Market Street, Chorley.

He bumped into Dr Rigby who told him to go home and come back after dinner.

Off he ran 3 miles back home and returned later on where Dr Rigby passed him and that's how he joined the Chorley Pals


Listed as "Wounded" on the Casualty List issued by the War Office from 17th August 1916.


Entitled to wear a "Wound Stripe" as authorized under Army Order 204 of the 6th July 1916.


After hospital treatment and convalescence, he was posted to the 6th East Lancs in Mesopotamia. Taken ill, he spent two years in hospital in India. 


Served with 6th Bn East Lancashire Regt in Mesopotamia, 1917


He returned to his old job at the local printworks in 1920 and later worked in insurance and owned a grocery shop until his retirement.


Worked at Swansey Printworks.


He married Mary Ellen Livesey in 1924 at St John The Evangelist, Whittle le Woods


A well-known local soldier who had an interview and books written about him


His interview is worth listening to!




John Snailham

Born 5 January 1891, Bamber Bridge

Age: 23 in 1914


Reg no:




His name is on Clayton le Woods Roll of Honour


He lived at 1 Bridge St, Whittle le Woods in 1911

He may have married Alice Withnell in 1915

In 1921, the census shows he is married Alice and had children, John, Nellie, Thomas


They are living at Barracks Road, Whittle le Woods


He was a Labourer for a Calico Dyer, Low Mill Printworks, Whittle le Woods 



Brother-in-law of Miles Weaver, who married Elizabeth Snailham


Perhaps he joined the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, just like Miles Weaver?






William Snape* 

Born 1894

Age: 21


Reg no:


Served in Mesopotamia




Brother of below and his other Brother's KIA and his name on the memorial

Parents are James Snape and Ellen , new house, Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods



Found another William Snape as of 24\1\2021 but with a different father's name, so will cross-reference and see if I can confirm!




James Snape*

Born 1896

Age: 19


Reg no:


 Served at Blackdown


* Brother of above and another is on the memorial



Parents are James Snape and Ellen, new house, Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods





John Swarbrick

Born 1895

Age: 20



Served in Salonika


Found via newspaper report of John Snape (KIA 1918)


He is Half Brother of John Snape (KIA 1918) and to both the above 


All three above lived at Bridge Street in 1911


1921 still in Whittle le Woods






James Stainton


No Records found for him yet


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 


The only James Stainton in the area in c1911 is too young being born in 1909.





However whilst searching for James Stainton I came across another "Stainton" from Whittle le Woods who was Killed in Action





Thomas Matthew Stainton

Born in Sedbergh

Age: 40

Reg no: 17234

Died 26 October 1916

"B" Coy, 2nd Battalion, Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment


Husband of Elizabeth Stainton, of Sheep Hill Lane, Clayton Green


Inscription on stone-




Buried at Salonika (Lambet Road) Military Cemetery


His name is not on the Roll of Honour or Memorial/Cenotaph at Clayton\Whittle


As of 15\10\2020, I found his name in the Electoral Register for 1832-1935. 

Living\Owning property at Clayton Green in 1915 and eligible to vote


New Information from a relation of his... 


I too wondered why my grandfather was not on the Whittle and Clayton war memorial.

After a search, I discovered that his name appears on the memorial inside St. Saviours Church in Bamber Bridge, even though it seems to appear on that as JM Stainton, it is rather worn. I do now remember being taken there, as a child, by my aunt who was his daughter.
The James Stainton that you found, who was too young, was probably my Uncle Jim, Thomas’ son who was born in 1906.
Thomas Matthew was born in Cautly near Sedbergh in 1876. He married Elizabeth Birkett also from Sedbergh, in 1901. He was a farmer.

They had 4 children John Birkett, Margaret Agnes, John Robert and my father Thomas William.
They moved to Bamber Bridge after they got married as my grandfather worked on the Cuerden Hall estate as a farmer. They attended St Saviours church and continued to do so after they moved to Sheephill Lane.

We presume that my grandmother chose to have his name put on the memorial there because they would see it every week when they went to church.
My grandfather joined the Kings Own Lancashire Regiment in 1915 and he died of malaria in Salonica on 26th October 1916.
My husband and I went to visit his grave in Lembet Road cemetery in 2016, as it was 100 years since his death.






Joseph Staniforth 

Born in 1892, Openshaw

Age: 27

Rank: Sgt

Reg no: 6707



formerly 32504 Cheshire Regiment


Also known as Joseph Edwin Staniforth


Lived at Swansey Lane, Whittle le Woods in 1911 


Enlisted sometime between 1914 and 1915 as his name is on the Roll of Honour 1914 - 1915

Demobilized on 24 April 1919


Possibly died soon after



Parents are Joseph Staniforth and Frances Heys



Mathias Stephenson

Born 1897

Age 23

Reg no: 35347 \ 51736

2nd Cavalry Regiment

Hussars of the Line

Kings Own Royal Lanc's Regiment

Royal Lanc's Depot

1/1 co of London Yeo


Enlisted 11 December 1916

To Reserves 12 December 1916

Mobilized and posted on 18 April 1917


Posted to 1st Coy on 28 February 1918

Transferred to 803 AE Coy, Labour Corp on 13 December 1918

Posted to another unit  on 22 July 1919

Transferred on 28 July 1919 to Class "Z" Army for Demobilization 


Lived at Preston New Road, Clayton le Woods


Discharged on 15 October 1919  with Dysentry.







Frank Stocks

Born c1898, Ireland

Age: 17 in 1915


Reg no:


Lived at Sheep Hill Lane, in 1911 with siblings and parents Samuel and Catherine Stocks


His father served in the Navy from 1873 until 1909



Frank Stocks married Alice Hammond on 28 May 1925 at Todmorden Parish Church


He was still living at Sheep Hill Lane as of his marriage




Thomas Studholme




Reg no:


No Trace yet



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour








Arthur Spivey 

Born 1899

Age: 15 in 1914, so must have enlisted later


Reg no:


Think he may have served in the RAMC as Pte 101696






Methodist Church info



All Sons of George and Emily, other siblings are Amy, Emily, Lilian, originally from the Askham, Nottingham area coming into Whittle le Woods between 1901 and 1911.


Still in the village in 1921




Frank Spivey* 

Born 1895

Age: 19 in 1914


Reg no:


Calico Printers Labourer in 1911







All Sons of George and Emily, other siblings are Amy, Emily, Lilian, originally from the Askham, Nottingham area coming into Whittle le Woods between 1901 and 1911.





George Spivey*

Born 25 April 1896

Age: 18

Reg no: 13237, 158055

Rank: Pte

8 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Machine Gun Corp


Preston Pal


Embarked 25 September 1915


Either Discharged or Demobilized as of 5 April 1919


Cotton Weaver


He married Bessie Savage in Prescot in 1918



*  All Sons of George and Emily, other siblings are Frank, Amy, Emily, Lilian, originally from the Askham, Nottingham area coming into Whittle le Woods between 1901 and 1911.


The surname is also spelt SPIVY




Thomas Towers 

Born about 1895 in Clayton Green

Age 21 in 1916

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15545

Y Company, 11 Battalion East Lancashire Regiment

Chorley Pals


Enlisted 1914


Also served in the 6 Battalion,  East Lancashire Regiment with the same number


Son of Richard, a Gardener, and Margaret Towers


Living in Clayton Green as of 1911.

He was a Labourer for a Twister. I believe he worked for Swansey  Mill


He attended St. Bede's Church


Taken to Blackpool Hospital, After suffering from wounded to legs and arms on 1 July 1916 at Serre




John Turner




Reg no:




His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour



Possible he was born in 1886, Oswaldtwistle 


Living at Lower Copthurst



Still in the village in 1921





Wiliam Turner

Born 1884


Reg no: Pte

Rank: 65944

Prince of Wales's Volunteers, South Lancashire Regiment



Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 


Also served in 13 Welsh Regiment  31894 and 11 Cheshire Regiment  52611



Demobilized on 18 April 1919


Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Disability, GSW, left forearm



Still in the village in 1921






William (A) Turner



Reg: 332536

Rank: Gunner

Royal School of Artillery

Lancashire and Cheshire RGA (TF)


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour


He previously served as Pte 201177 in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


And thanks to my posting information on the Great War Forum I managed to find out the number 3522 which is also mentioned is his original 4th Battalion LNLR TF number allotted to him upon joining the LNLR.

Before the 1917 TF re-numbering was introduced when he was allotted the 6-digit LNLR number of 201171.


When I first looked at the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour that Councillor Eric Bell had gifted me I originally thought either this is another name mistake or there is another William Turner signed up!

But I could never find him!


As of 21\4\2021, over a year later after expanding my website research, I discovered the other William Turner by chance.


Think he died on 5 March 1924




William Tuson

Born c1883

Age: 31 in 1914


Reg no: 

Enlisted at Bury, Joined at London

1 Coldstream Guards


Enlisted on 4 December 1901



Transferred to Army Reserve as of 4 December 1904 on the expiration of his army service on 4 December 1905.

Re-engaged as of 5 September 1913, for four years from 4 December 1913.

Mobilized in London on 5 August 1914.

Poste to various CG Battalions 

"Wounded in the field" at least 3 times with GSW and shrapnel wounds


Finally Demobilised on 4 March 1919.


A Labourer as a Trade


His son Arnold served in WW2 being Killed in Action (27 May 1914)






Edward Tuson

Born c1876

Age: 39

Reg no: 45442

Rank: Pte

5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Kings Liverpool Regiment

76 Labour Corp

543 Agri Coy


Labourer at a Cotton Warehouse



Enlisted on 9 December 1915 possibly at Preston


Demobilized on 11 February 1919


Lived at Brownley Street, Clayton le Woods 


Wife Mary Ann Clough with children Isabella and James


He had surgery to remove a Lipoma on his shoulder in July 1916





Edwin Walmsley 

Born 1893, Died c1971

Age: 21

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15865

11 Battalion East Lancashire Regiment

C Coy

Chorley Pals


Enlisted on 22 September 1914 at Chorley


He worked at Cunliffe Printworks, Kem Mill up until he enlisted 


Barely a month later It burned down  




After attending a send-off at the T.A, Drill Hall on 23 February 1915, he departed with the Chorley Pals East Lancashire Regiment, heading to do training at Carnarvon 


Marching down the roads to the train station!


The numbers on his Pension Card are 432292, 15865, 64582, 25124


After being injured at Serre on 1 July 1916 he was transferred to the 8th Dorset Regiment (25214)

Then posted to the 15th Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment  (64582)

Posted to the 646 Labour Corps (432291), who were based in Oxford. Was he a Ploughman?

It was an Agricultural Coy, and they helped local farmers

Possibly because after his injuries his health was not too good

But was he still overseas?



He Married Sarah Jane Entwistle at St. George’s Church, Chorley in 1917


Discharged on the 9 April 1919.


Son of Robert and Elizabeth


Brother of Below and William Justice Jones 




Died at the Hospital in Chorley of Influenza and Pneumonia on 6 August 1917


He is buried in St John the Evangelist, Whittle-le-Woods





Septimus Walmsley

Born on 7 Apr 1889

Age: 26 in 1915


Reg no:

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment





His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-15 Roll of Honour



I have not found a WW1 service record or pension card for him but found a clue in the Lancashire Evening Post dated Friday 22 September 1916.

With a Pte S Walmsley, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Son of Robert and Elizabeth who were living at Mount Pleasant as of 1901


Brother of above and William Justice Jones 


In 1939, Septimus Walmsley is working at the Royal Ordnance Factory,  as a Heavy Worker, and his Wife Ellen Bamber, Unpaid Domestic Duties, and their children Eric, Elizabeth, and William 

They were living at 150 Havelock Street, Preston



Died 1970




Thomas Warbrick

Born 1889

Age: 25

Reg no: 13916

Rank: Pte

9 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 2 September 1914 at Preston



Posted as Missing on 11 June 1918 

Taken as Prisoner of War

Repatriated on 9 December 1918


Demobilized as of 6 March 1919


Lived at Radburn Brow, Clayton Green in 1911 with his father William Warbrick, and five siblings.

Henry (Served in WW1), Ellen, Isabella, Mary, and Anastasia.







I have a picture of him 


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Born 1876

Age: 19 as of 1895

Rank: Pte, Sergeant (1911) CSM, RSM up to 1919

Reg no: 4929

1 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 15 August 1895

Joined at Preston on 16 August 1895

Promoted to L/Cpl on 11 March 1898 with extra pay

Promoted Cpl on 14 March 1900

Extended to complete 12 years with the colours on 3 November 1902

Promoted Sergeant on 9 February 1906

Promoted Company Q M Sergt as of 9 June 1914

Relinquished his new appointment and goes back to CSM on 30 June 1914

Posted as missing

Prisoner of War as of 30 November 1914

Repatriated Prisoner, as CSM  on 18 November 1918

Elected to draw pension whilst serving as of 23 January 1919



Promoted on 20 June 1919 to (T)emp/ RSM


Discharged 19 April 1920 after approx 25 years of service 


Stationed away at Burtpore Barracks, Hants in 1911

Born in Accrington

Family is living in Whittle le Woods from 1891 to 1911

Parents are David and Mary Waterhouse


Living at Rockleigh, Horns Road, Stroud, Glos. as of Discharge


Living on a Pension of £92, 13, 7 per annum as of 23 June 1948 


South African Campaign


Wounded at Kalfontien on 23 May 1901


South African Medal & 3 Clasps

Kings Medal & 2 Clasps

Awarded Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct in 1914 

Entitled to wear to Clasp on his 1914 Star Medal and the Roses on the Star ribbon ( I think)


A bar clasp inscribed "5 Aug. to 22 Nov. 1914" was given to all those who qualified for the 1914 Star and who served under fire. Since the same ribbon is used with the 1914-15 Star, holders of the 1914 Star were permitted to wear a small silver rosette on their ribbon when the decoration itself is not worn. On the medal index cards, this is usually noted as the "Clasp and Roses" or "C&R".It was necessary to apply for the issue of the clasp.



Mentioned in Sir John French's Despatches 8\10\1914?

London Gazette on 9\12\1914

Mentioned in Lord Kitchener's Despatch to Secretary of State for War dated Pretoria 8 July 1901

For good service during the attack on enemy to Venterdorp on 23 May 1901?

London Gazette on August 20th 1901?

Defence of Kimberley, Transvaal






Clement Waring - NEED TO CHECK

Born in 1877, Whittle le Woods

Age: 37

Rank: Pte

Reg no:19985

Grenadier Guards



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Think he enlisted at Leeds on 26 October 1914


Did not serve in the BEF

Stayed at Home



Discharged on 1 August 1916 as being no longer physically fit for war service


Lived at Whittle Springs in 1911

Mother possibly Mary Ann was still there at the time of his enlistment 

So is Walter Waring, who may be an alternative person on the Roll of Honour instead...

Think Clement Waring was married and his wife is living in Liverpool as of Discharge 


Brother of Below maybe




Walter Waring

Born 1895



Reg no:






His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 


His name is also on a list of local men who went AWOL with the 15 Kings Liverpool


Possible of Chorley Old Road


His parents are William and Amelia 


Married to Hilda 



Still alive in 1939


Possibly living at Smiths Terrace


There are two Walter Warings in the Area!



Leo Waring

Born 10 Dec 1891

Age: 25


Victory II

Royal Navy





A Labourer in 1911, Chorley Old Rd, Whittle le woods


Enlisted about 5 August 1916


Demobilized as of 1 May 1919



His parents are William and Amelia




Miles Weaver

Born 1879

Age: 35

Rank: Pte

Reg no:17960

7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Preston Pal?



Enlisted at Chorley on 10th November 1914 


Formally in the Volunteer Artillery, Preston for 7 years



3 Dickinson Terrace, Whittle le Woods


His wife Elizabeth Snailham is Sister to John Snailham


Discharged as physically unfit for further war service on 13th April 1915



Walter Weaver

Born 1881, From Farrington

Age: 33

Reg no: 23367

Rank: Pte

15 Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 17 November 1914



Then posted as 28790 to the 3 Cheshire Regiment on 12 November 1915 and then the 9th Cheshire Regiment on 18 December 1915.


Demobilized on 4 April 1919.


He married Sarah Cooper at St John's on 1 September 1900 and they had four children, William, Edith, Elizabeth, and Thomas.

Living at Naylors Fold.

In 1920 they lived at 5 Dickinson Terrace.


Related to Jack Cooper Sharples KIA




Wilfred Westhead

Born on 12 Dec 1893, Whittle le Woods

Age: 22 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15679

11 East Lancashire Regiment



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Also served in the 8 East Lancashire Regiment, transferred either from injury or perhaps the need to boost numbers in another Battalion before returning to the 11 East Lancashire Regiment



Son of James and Ellen Westhead nee Yates 

Living at Lukes Row, Whittle le Woods in 1911

They had 6 children, Thomas, Leo, Edith, Wilfred, Clara, and Ellen


A Labourer at the Bleach Works until before his Enlistment


In 1939 he and his wife Ellen, were living at Wilson Nook Farm, Town Lane

A Dairy farm



Think he died about 1980



Daniel Withnell

Born 1885

Age: 29

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 16918

8 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Also 51 Bedfordshire Regiment





Daniel enlisted on 30 September 1914 and joined up at Preston on the same day


He served in France


On a casualty list C635, wounded on 19 October 1915


He was at a Military Hospital in York as of 24 July 1916


Western Command Depot, Rhyl as of 13 September 1916


Posted to 3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 31 December 1916



GSW on the right side of the face and neck but no idea when this occurred!


51st Coy, Bedfordshire Regiment as 64322

Discharged on 18 April 1919


Farm Labourer


Mother is Hannah Withnell of Carwood House, Whittle le Woods




Thomas Withnell - another interesting soldier 

Born 1872, Whittle le Woods

Age: 18

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 2831

B Coy, Manchester Infantry



Attested at Ashton Under Lyne on 14 March 1890


Posted to the 1st Battalion on 18 May 1890, then to the 2nd Battalion on 22nd May 1892 where he was sent to India for 5 years until 20 January 1898


He served at home from  21st January 1898 until 16 March 1900 when he was sent to South Africa

Serving in South Africa until 19 July 1902

He served at home again until he was demobilized on 12 August 1902 after 12 years and 152 days of service


Recalled to the Colours as of 26 December 1899 and posted the day after on 27th December 1899

and again on 27 February 1902


In 1902 he received the sum of £6,10,0 as war gratuity I think on 1 November 1902. 


South African War 1900 -1902 


Awarded the South African Medal 1900 - 1902, clasps

Wittebergen, Cape Colony, Transvaal

Kings Medal Clasps, Sa 01 and Sa 02


First World War


Living at 4 Tootell Terrace and is age 43 3/12


Served at Home as of 26 April 1915 when he was considered fit by the medical examination for the 4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


He was posted to the 2\4th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment from 26 April 1915 until 2 November 1915 when he was transferred to the 19th Western Battalion, Rifle Brigade which he should have been sent over to Egypt in 1916.

But I guess he did not go as it's not mentioned on his record.

Then transferred and posted to 805(?) Area Coy, Labour Corp from 8th December 1917

Then the transfer was officially cancelled as of 1 January 1918

Demobilized on  22 March 1919


Served at home as part of the Expeditionary Force until 22 March 1919


At this point, he is about 47 years old! and done about 16 years of service


His parents were William Withnell and Isabella, Whittle le Woods


His family was living next door to my relations the Peels in 1901 


I also believe I am related to him




John Withnell - updated as of 6\3\2023



Rank: L/Cpl

Reg no:

Possibly 6th (Service) Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment





Also known as Jack Withnell, he enlisted between 1914 and 1915.


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 



Wounded whilst serving in the Persian Gulf


Formally employed at Messrs. Boothman's Swansea Mill, Whittle le Woods


Date of disembarkation is 11/1915, Mudros


Possibly commissioned, Indian Army. Later as 2nd Lt.


No service record found yet



Richard Withnell

Born 1877

Age: 38


Reg no:



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour



A Gardener


Possible he is the husband of Ada,

Father of Ellen and William

Living at Dickinson Terrace as of 1910\11


Possible brother of Thomas Withnell above 


In 1939 living at "The Glen", Preston Road





Charles Williams 

Born 1894


Reg no: 13835, 1478

Rank: Pte

Army Cyclist Corp


55 West Lancs D C Coy 1478

V 11 CCB 13835



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


His pension card says he was Discharged on 12 March 1919 due to 


It was a common diagnosis during the war for "shell shock"



He also suffered from Heart Palpitations 



He was a Cotton Weaver


He was living at 10 Smiths Terrace, Clayton le Woods


Mayor of Chorley in 1951 and also a founding member of the Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society



Brother of below




George Williams 

Born 1896

Age: 19, 10 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 28906

18th Lancashire Fusiliers


Enlisted at Whittle le Woods,  Chorley on 11 December 1915


Also in 22 and 20 Battalion


His name is not on the Whitle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


During his service, he is wounded in action and his name is in the 

Daily List of June 28th, 1918 as mentioned in the WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST of JULY 2nd, 1918.


Daily List of June 28th





Lived at 10 Smith Terrace, Whittle le Woods in 1911

He was 5ft 2 inches


Father is Joseph Williams


Transferred to class "Z" on Demobilization on 14 Febrary 1919




John Wilson

Born in 1878, Whittle le Woods

Age:  37

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 66294

South Lancashire Regiment

His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour 
Also served with the 13 Kings Liverpool Regiment, 12225


John Wilson married Mary Westhead in 1906
In the 1911 census, he is aged 30 and a Labourer at the Canal Company, Mary is a Cotton Winder  
They had 3 children, 2 had died, and only 1 daughter survived, Jane, aged 3.  

John Wilson, Enlisted about 29 September 1915 and served in France


He was about 37 years old

Living at Halls Square, Whittle Springs in 1910 and up to 1919


He was Discharged on 23 March 1919, possibly due to an injury


A Labourer for a Canal Company






John Whittle- UNDER AGE

Born on 28 April 1899

Real age is 15 years, 6 months, and 18 days 

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15933

8 Kings Own Lancaster Regiment






He enlisted on 14 November 1914 at Chorley and joined the 8th Battalion  of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment


He claimed to be 19 years and 7 days old and 5ft 2 3/4 inches.


However, he would be discharged under Para 292 VI Kings Regulations having made a misstatement as to age on Enlistment on 31 May 1915. 


The age on his papers says he is actually 16 1/12 as of Discharge (16 years and 1 month)


So he was only aged 15 years, 6 months, and 18 days when he enlisted


He managed 6 months and 18 days of service out of the 3-year term of service he signed up for


I am wondering if he signed up later on.


Father is John Whittle of Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


He was a Weaver




John Wilding




Reg no:


His name is on Clayton le Woods Roll of Honour




Possibly born in 1884, Chorley

The one from County Terrace as of 1911.

In the 1921 Census, he is in Whittle le Woods 


Son of  John and Margaret


sister is May E Wilding


Need to Check




William Wilding




Reg no:


Could it be William Henry Wilding? born in 1880


His name is on Clayton le Woods Roll of Honour


Possibly this is the one from Brownley Street as of 1911

Married to Louisa



He is likely to be the brother of the above and son of John and Margaret


As the 1891 and 1901 censuses tie in



Need to Check



John Wilkins

Born in 1889

Age: 26

Reg no: 9812

Rank: Pte

Scots Guards


Enlisted as of 2 April 1915.


His card says he served in France.


Discharged with a Disability.


Lived at Fern Villa, Whittle le Woods according to pension ledger.


I found a newspaper report from 4th March 1953 in the Lancashire Evening Post.


Coroner adjourns Chorley inquest


After being told of war wounds the Coroner (Mr. W Blackhurst)

yesterday adjourned until March 12th for a post-modem examination.

The Chorley inquest on John Wilkins (Aged 64) Preston Road, Whittle le Woods.

Mr. Wilkins died in Eaves Lane Hospital, Chorley on Saturday.

Mr. Clarence Wilkins of the same address said that on February 2nd and 3rd his father

had several falls and was ordered to bed by the doctor who said he had broken some ribs.

On February 15th, he was taken to Eaves lane Hospital and five days later was transferred 

to Preston Royal infirmary returning to Eaves lane Hospital on February 22nd.

Witness said his father had told him he had been wounded in the head by shrapnel in the first world war

but did not receive a pension.

His father had been troubled with his head.

Dr. W. Warburton had said Mr. Wilkins had resented the examination.

X-ray shows he had three broken ribs. Dr. Warburton said he saw no damage to his skull.



William Wilkinson

Born c1868 

Age: 47 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 7212

12 Bn TF Royal Defence Corp


His name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


William Wilkinson Enlisted on 8 February 1915


Discharged as of 1 March 1918, Age 49.


Don't think he served overseas


Living in Whittle le Woods





Frederick William Wood

Born in 1892, Whittle le Woods

Age: 23 in 1915

Rank: Pte

Reg no: M/349456




His name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


In 1911 he is living at Town Lane Whittle Le Woods

His parents are Joseph Wood and Elizabeth Ann


He is Print Works Labourer


Has a brother called Samuel Wood


Discharged on 13 April 1920 due to suffering from Hammer Toe


Living at Springwell, Whittle le Woods




Samuel Wood

Born in 1892, Whittle le Woods

Age: 23

Rank: Pte

Reg no: S/382993



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour 



also 23437,  13 Kings Liverpool Regiment



He previously served with them before transferring to the RASC possibly on 16 November 1917


Samuel Wood Enlisted on 18 November 1914



Serving in France, he disembarked on 29 December 1915





Private S. Woods of Whittle le Woods, who is connected with the Kings Liverpool Regiment

has been wounded, and is in Oxford Hospital in a dangerous condition.



Discharged from the RASC on 9 April 1919 due to GSW and loss of both testicles and also suffered pul tub, which I believe means Pulmonary Tuberculosis 


He lived at 2 Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods


Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Wood


He was married to Ruth Mary Agnes Hughes in 1912, St Lawrence, Chorley


In 1939, Samuel and Ruth are running the Post Office on Preston Road.

He is the Sub Postmaster and Ruth is Unpaid Domestic Duties 


He died on 21 January 1971



Henry Wrennall

Born in 1887

Age: 28

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 326681


488 Coy RASC on 31 May 1919







Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Clayton le Woods


Cotton Weaver by Trade


Married Ada Lucas on 14 August 1918


Demobilized on 21 October 1919


Living with Ada at 27 Swansea Fold in 1939, a Farm Labourer


Henry Wrennall of 340 Preston Road, Clayton le Woods, died on 2 February 1974



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