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Since 2014 I have been adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018 and into 2019, more pages have been added.

Including the Returned from Duty pages.


Whilst  doing my research i I have found  evidence of some soldiers who served

before 1914

There fore i have started a new page called Pre 1914

to record their names.


These pages show my progress in researching all the men who are on the memorial or served and  returned from duty from not only from WW1 and WW2, but any other war.



And to date I have over  378 names.


A few pictures are also included.


Discovering those who were demobilized, injured and found too young to serve. 


In the Gallery there are  extra pictures of their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thank you

John Melling








Returned From Duty

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Considering we had so many losses from both Clayton and Whittle.

I thought it would be worth trying to discover and record all those who served and Returned from Duty both from WW1 and WW2 or any other War since.

Here are at least 251 names from WW1 collected so far as of 3 March 2019. And a few from WW2.

So adding up the names I have managed to find off the memorial and the returned from duty list just from WW1 alone gives a rough number of 379 so far

I believe this number should be a lot higher !


All men and women are born / living in or associated with Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods at the time of enlistment. All names are listed roughly alphabetical by surname. 



Some of the men served until the end of the war and they were demobilized, others however were medically unfit and injured, one or two were even too young and removed from service.



William Hall


Cotton Weaver as of 1911

Tootell Terrace


Brother of Robert Hall KIA on the memorial







Peter Handley - Possible need to double check


Possible Royal Navy as of 15 April 1918 


Living at Clayton Green in 1911








Ernest Hargreaves

Enlisted 27 June 1916

Reg no: 192192

Rank: Driver



Demobilized 24 February 1920


As of 1920 living at Millstone Hill, Whittle le Woods


Wife is Elizabeth nee Pass,

Children are Bessie, and William






Fred Hargreaves

Reg no: 72003

Rank: Sergt

157 Battery, RGA


Married Lily Pearson

Living at 8 Smiths Terrace, Clayton le Woods




Discharged on 16 December 1919






William Hargreaves

Age: 33

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 226692

Army Service Corp (MT)


Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Whittle le Woods, over seen by "Lawrence Cotton" 


Bank House, Preston Road

Taxi Proprieter


Married Emily Anna Wilcox. 

Children - Mabel and Eva


Discharged as being no longer being physically fit for war service.






Arthur Hartley

Age: 36

Reg no: 25107

3 The Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted 22 December 1914 at Chorley


Married Alice Bamber

Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Children - Arthur Hartley Born 21 February 1912


A Labourer


Discharged on 5 August 1916 as no longer physically fit for war service. With Double Hernia


As of 1918? is living at 3 Ribblesdale Terrace






James Haydock - Possible need to double check


Born 1896 in Clayton le Woods

Died 1957









William Heap(s)


Brother of Christopher and Walter who were both KIA










Herbert Hebblethwaite 

Reg no: 205090

5 Lancashire Fusiliers


GSW to Back, Pent to Chest on 21 September 1917


Lived at Woodcock Farm, Clayton le Woods as of enlistment.


Mother is Jemima Emily Hebblethwaite, Woodcock Farm


I believe he is living in Club Street, Bamber Bridge in 1939 with a relative.


He is incapacitated






William Heatley


Possible he was boarding at Brownley Street in 1911 










Walter Helme


No trace yet











Alfred Higham 

Born  1896

Died 1981



In 1939 he was working as an Explosive Worker at the ROF 


Brother of both below







David Higham

Reg no:13419

3rd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



David Higham was discharged after previously having fits and became violent towards others and became a nuisance in the company.






James Higham

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 77886

Enlisted at Chorley

11 Field Amb, RAMC





Lived at Diamond Villas 

Lived at 10 Rock Villa Road


Enlisted on 3 November 1915

GSW to Left Shoulder and admited to Military hospital, Trent Bridge, Nottingham


Demobilized 19 July 1919






Henry Hilton


On the Roll of Honour for Clayton le Woods C of E School


Possibly born c1889 in Clayton le Woods and died 1962, living at 79 Lancaster Lane, Clayton le Woods







William Hodkinson


Possible he lived at Swansey Fold in 1911


A cycle and motor repairer










Fred Hodgkinson

Age: 33

Reg no: 20009

Rank: Pte

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Transferred to several unit including reg no 47324 to 163 RDC, 4 Battalion Royal Defence Corp



Enlisted on 1 February 1915 


Living on Moss Lane in 1911

A Cotton Weaver


Married Dora Dugdale

Children are William, Ada, Ronald



At time of enlistement he lived at  2 Lukes Road, Whittle Springs




Ernest Baxter Holland

Age: 20

Reg no:

Rank: Gunner?

Royal Artillery


Previously served in 3rd Lancashire RGA



Married Clarissa Emma Snowdon at St Peters, Chorley in 19091


Engineer by Trade


Demobilized on 8 June 1919 and living in Chorley




John G Hooley

Rank: Driver

Reg No: T4/060862



Previously R.A.S.C. T4/060862 Driver.





Lived at 6 Tootell Terrace, Clayton le Woods


In 1911 he was a Carter


Brother of Below




Joseph Hooley

Age: 19

Reg no: 528176 

Rank: Pte

579 and 550 Labour Corp


Previously in Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 5 September 1914


Demobilized on 21 February 1919


Lived at 6 Tootell Terrace, Clayton le Woods


GSW to left leg and right arm, and right thigh. on 10 July 1916





James Houghton


Living at Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods in 1911

With Wife , Margaret Ellen, and child, Mary.

He was a Cotton Weaver






William Irving*


Shop Assistant in 1911


Herbert Irving*


Cotton Weaver in 1911


Think Herbert lived at Sandy Lane cottage in 1939 with his wife Ellen


*Both likely brothers of George Irving KIA


Living at Springs Terrace, Whittle Springs






James Irving, also known as James Boswell Irving


Reg no: 305576

Rank: Pte

1/8 Lancashire Fusiliers


Also Reg no 2576, Lancashire Fusiliers


Served in the Balkans and Dardanelles.


Married Elsie Mills


Died in 1982, Sefton


As of 6\12\18 I have bought a new picture of him (see picture)







A recently bought original picture of James "Jim " Irving


















James Jackson

Age: 19

Reg no: 15882

8 Service Battalion, Kings Own Lancaster Regiment

Enlisted on 12 November 1914 at Chorley


Discharged on 7th June 1915


Trade given as a Labourer


Father was John Jackson of Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods





Albert Jackson

Born 1881

Rank: Pte

Reg No: R/359212



Discharged on 9 January 1919







Harry Jackson




Born in 1880

In 1911 living at Smiths Terrace 







R Jackson - name on Methodist Church Roll 


No record found yet











William Jewes


Think he was living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods















Albert Edward Jolly ---- NEED TO ADD MORE


Born 1889, Whittle le Woods

Service no: 251573



Service from 5 Mar 1918










Edmund Jolly


Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods in 1911












Thomas Jolly, possibly also known as Thomas Amos Jolly

Reg no: 15732

Rank: Pte

8 Kings Own Royal Lancaster


Enlisted some time near 29 April 1915


Demobilized as of 6 March 1919







J C Johnson, DCM

Reg no: 37439

Rank: L/Cpl

2/5 Lancashire Fusiliers


Lived in Whittle le Woods




Awarded the DCM -


For conspicuous gallantry and resource

During an advance he observed a party of

the enemy with a machine gun about to

open fire on his men. He at once attacked

them and captured the gun. He showed

splendid coolness and determination 



I have the War Diary page describing the days events






John Robert Johnson - NEED TO RE-CHECK THIS

Born 1894

Reg no: 202162


B coy, 1 Battallion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted 23 August 1914 at Preston



Was he Killed in Action as of 1 August 1918 or did he survive and live on until the 1970s!?


As there was a mix up with his details during WW1 between a Joseph Johnson and himself









Living in Bridge Street at of 1911



Son of William and Ann Johnson

Brother of Matthew, William and Lena






Samuel Jones

Age: 22

Reg no: 243276

5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted 8 December 1915 at Chorley


Wounded GSW to neck, severe on 12 April 1917


Discharged on 10 November 1917


Record also says DECEASED. So he must have died after coming home 


Lived at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods as of joining up.


Trade was a Weaver


Father  is William Henry Jones


Samuel Jones is cousin to William Justice Jones KIA, and Edwin Walmsley






Edward Kane

Age: 29

Reg no: 92378

Rank: Gunner

Royal Garrision Artillery


Enlisted on 10 December 1915 at Leyland


Living at Ribblesdale Terrace, Whittle le Woods at time of enlistment

Rubber Worker as Trade


Married **Ellen Heatley and had known children, Hubert and William


Described as Hard working, Smart and Capable.


Demobilized from 7 Siege Battery on 17 August 1918


**Whilst looking into Edward Kanes family tree I have discovered I am related to him via my 3 x Great Aunt Caroline Peel's side who married John Heatley.






James Kellett


Possible brother of both below










Joseph Kellett

Born c1890

Reg no: 021999

Rank: Pte

ASC (Mechanical Transport)


Enlisted at Chorley on 12 December 1914


Embarked on SS MOKLA with the BEF


Sheep hill, Clayton Green


Parents are Henry Kellett


His employer GEORGE LOWES & CO LTD( Royal Oak Hotel Yard) sent a letter on Joseph Kelletts behalf regarding his work and character.


Demobilized as of 9 July 1919






William Kellett

Age: 24

Reg no: 029507

Rank: Cpl,Driver 

Army Service Corps (Horse Transport)


Enlisted at Chorley on 19 November 1914



Lived at Shaw Hill Farm, Whittle le Woods

Grocer by Trade



Demobilized  as of 17 June 1919






Thomas Kenyon

Age: 39

Reg no:33186

Lancashire Fusiliers


Enlisted 9 December 1915 at Chorley


Transfered to 2/1 Herefordshire Regiment on 2 May 1916. as 5198 


Discharged on 10 July 1916 suffering from Arthritis and Mentally Deficient


Weaver by Trade


Lived at Hill Syde, Mount Pleasant, Whittle le Woods






Joseph Kerfoot


Possibly of Higher Copthurst in 1911











Jack Kerfoot

Age: 19

Enlisted at Preston

Reg no: 55823


B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade




Enlisted at Preston on 26 November 1914.

Posted to No 2 Depot, RFA

Posted to B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade on 7 January 1915


Discharged on 28 July 1915 having made a mis statement as to get on enlistment.



Lived at Town lane, Whittle le Woods.


 Father is Matthais Kerfoot







Richard Knight


No trace yet











Sydney Knowles- Need to download his medal award

Born c1901

Possibily joined the Mercantile Marines in 1914



Fern Villa in 1911

Son of William and Clara







Stanley Knowles

Born 18 June 1900

Died 1976

Service no:176790


Joined the RAF from 14 May 1918


Discharged from 16 January 1919


Lived at 20 Swansey Fold, Whittle Le Woods


Formerly a Brewers Clerk


Father was Thomas Knowles






William Knowles

Age: 22

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 5308

11th Lancashire Regiment

Also 4 Loyal North Lamcashire Regiment..


Enlisted on 10 December 1915 at Chorley


Lived atFern Villa, Whittle le Woods


Chemists Assistant


Discharged 1 February 1919 being physically unfit for war service after serving in 4 Loyal North Lamcashire Regiment..







Albert Langton

Rank: Driver



Lived at Whittle le Woods


Was a boxer starting in 1913  whilst in the RFA and when posted to Folkstone up until 8 May 1915 had won 7 fights out of 8. 



Son of Henry, a Canal Boatman and Ann Langton nee Blundell




John Langton

Born in 1896








Also known as John Thomas Blundell Langton



Lived at 16 Brownedge Lane, Bamber Bridge at the time of his death as of 16 April 1960


Brother of the above, Albert.


Son of Henry, a Canal Boatman and Ann Langton nee Blundell








Henry Leigh


Father of Robert Leigh WW2 KIA on the memorial


Fought in WW1 and went on to run the Duke of York in 1940s and 1950s


Married to Mary ?

Had other children Agnes and Hilda, who married Thomas 


Hilda and Thomas would carry on the tradition of running the Duke of York until the 1980s





John Leigh


Both he and Henry (above) are brothers of Frederick Leigh, and Robert Leigh KIA


By 1911 their family of 9 was living in Whittle le Woods.

With 4 of the 7 boys joining up.

The only known surviving girl in the family was Mrs Agnes Ann Leigh. 






John James Leach


Only person close .. is in 1901 census living at Swansey Fold.

With parents Thomas and Elizabeth.










Robert Livesey

Age: 20 and 9 months

Reg no: 5181

Enlisted at Chorley on 9th September 1914

12th Manchester Regiment


A weaver by trade


Father was Henry Livesey


Discharged as not likely to become a efficient soldier on 14th January 1915 after having a medical examination.... he had a deformed right arm.






Reginald (James) Longton

Born: 1895

Age: 19

Reg no: 23312


Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 16 November 1914


Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Discharged on 16 April 1915... not likely to become an efficient soldier.

Defective vision





Walter Lowe


No Record yet









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