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Remembering our forgotten heroes


William Hall - Not sure due to another William Hall in the area

Born in 1894, Darwen

Age: 23

Reg no: 15439

Rank: Sgt

Chorley Pals, 11 East Lancashire Regiment



Name is on the Whittle le Woods,1914-1915 Roll of Honour


He was working  as a Cotton Weaver at Swansea Mill as of 1911 and lived at 8 Tootell Terrace, Clayton le Woods as of WW1

He went to St Bede's Church


Wounded on 1 July 1916 and sent to Leicester Hospital


Son of Richard and Sarah 


So just to add to the confusion here are two William Halls with Clayton and Whittle connections


1) William Hall, Born 1894, Darwen. Son of Richard and Sarah Blackledge, Brother of Robert Hall- Killed in Action who is on the War Memorial.

Would make sense to have a brother also serving 

Living at Tootall Terrace in 1911

Still in Clayton le Woods as of 1921



I was leaning towards the above person until I found this person - But as you can see, with a bit of research I discovered this-


2) William Hall, Born oct\nov\dec 1892, Brinscall, and Baptized at Darwen on 22 Jan 1893, Son of Enoch Hall and Mary Elizabeth Blogg

Living at 2 Garfield Terrace, Chorley in 1901

Father Enoch is living at 38 Preston Road, Chorley in 1911, but no William Hall is present!

The 1911 census says 4 out of 5 children are still living

The 1921 census has Enoch, a widower, still living at 38 Preston Road, Chorley.

With only, single daughters Elizabeth and Evelina.


In the 1939 census, Enoch is still alive


No trace of William Hall 


I think this would mean that this family without a traceable "William Hall"  is not the one on the Roll of Honour! 

Because I believe he died in c1911 at age 18? a month before the census was taken?



Making this William Hall (2) connected to me in the family tree via the Bloggs

He is on my family tree




Peter Handley - Possible need to double-check


Possible Royal Navy as of 15 April 1918 


Living at Clayton Green in 1911








Ernest Hargreaves

Born about Oct 1885, Pendleton

Age: 30, and 10 months

Reg no: 192192

Rank: Driver






In 1901, Brothers Ernest and William were living at Waterhouse Green, and both Cotton Weaving, locally

Their parents are William Peter Hargreaves, Machine Printer (died 1906), and Hannah Kerfoot


In 1911, aged 25 he was a Calico Printers Labourer


Just before WW1, Ernest "Ernie" Hargreaves and his brother William "Bill" Hargreaves

ran a local private Motor Service, called Hargreaves Motor Service with a Taxi and a Charabanc

It's obvious by the units they joined that their experience in vehicle's and driving became useful when they joined the Army 



Enlisted on 27 June 1916 at Chorley

And living at Fern Villa, Preston road


Driver and Labourer as Trade


As of 2 October 1917 joined 2 Water Tank co


Demobilized 24 February 1920


Married in 1910 at St John the Evangelist, Whittle le Woods

His wife is Elizabeth Nee Pass,

Their children are Bessie and William Peterson Hargreaves


As of 1920 living at Millstone Hill, Whittle le Woods


He died on 27 Dec 1953 at 116 Preston Rd, Whittle le Woods


Brother of William Hargreaves below



Fred Hargreaves

Born 1 Dec 1891 Chorley

Age: 25 and 1 month

Reg no: 72003

Rank: Sergt

157 Battery, RGA


159 RGA?


He enlisted on 15 December 1915 at Chorley 



Married Lily Pearson on 11 August 1915 at Whittle le Woods, Parish Church

Living at 8 Smiths Terrace, Clayton le Woods

He was a Pressman in a Rubber Manufacturers 


Served at home from 4 April 1916 until 14 September 1916

Then sent to Mesopotamia from 15 September 1916


Discharged on 16 December 1919


As of 2\12\2020, I have made a discovery ... I've related to Fred Hargreave's wife Lily Pearson, she is my 3rd cousin 3 x removed via her maternal grandmother Eliza Peel.




William Hargreaves

Born in 1882, in Pendleton

Age: 33, and 11 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 226692

621 Coy, Army Service Corp (MT)






Just before WW1, Ernest "Ernie" Hargreaves and William "Bill" Hargreaves ran a local private Motor Service, called Hargreaves Motor Service with a taxi and a Charabanc

It's obvious by the units they joined that their experience in vehicle's and driving became useful when they joined the Army 



Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Whittle le Woods, overseen by "Lawrence Cotton" 


He lived at Bank House, Preston Road

And he is now a Taxi Proprietor (Driver)


Married Emily Anna Wilcox. 

Children - William, Mabel, and Eva


Admitted to West Bridgford VAD Hospital, Musters Road, Nottingham (sometimes known as Musters Road Military Hospital) for 103 days from 31 March 1917 until 11 July 1917 suffering from Lithiasis

Think that's gallstones

He had Defective Vision in the right eye, originating in March 1917 in France


Discharged as being no longer physically fit for war service on 13 August 1917


Died 1950




Arthur Hartley

Born in 1878, Chorley

Age: 36

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 25107

3 The Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted on 22 December 1914 at Chorley


Married Alice Bamber at St John Church, Whittle le Woods

Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Children - Arthur Hartley Born 21 February 1912


A Labourer


Discharged on 5 August 1916 as no longer physically fit for war service. With Double Hernia


As of 1918? is living at 3 Ribblesdale Terrace





James Haydock - Possible need to double-check


Born 1896 in Clayton le Woods

Died 1957


Son of Robert and Ann









William Heap

Born 1893 in Blackburn

Age: 22, and 1 month

Rank: Pte

Reg no:




His name is on the Clayton le Woods, Church of England School 1914-1915 Roll of Honour



Enlisted on 30 March 1915


General Labourer as Trade



As mentioned by his Father-

Pte William Heap serving with the Australians and once been wounded in the arm



Brother of Christopher and Walter both KIA


Also RF Heap (RFA) and Robert Heap (LNLR)


Son of Robert Heap, also a former soldier 16 years in the 47th Regiment 






Herbert Hebblethwaite 

Born in 1890

Age: 25, 4 mths

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 205090

5 Lancashire Fusiliers


Think he was last in Labour Corp as 646411



Herbert Hebblethwaite Enlisted on 12 December 1915 at Leyland


Lived at Woodcock Farm, Clayton le Woods as of enlistment.


Mother is Jemima Emily Hebblethwaite, Woodcock Farm


His service record says he served at home from 19 May 1917 until 28 March 1917

He then served in France, from 24 August 1917 until 1 October 1917

Then sent back home on 2 October 1917


 Whilst serving in France he suffered a GSW to the Back, Pent to Chest on 21 September 1917


His name is on the wounded list in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 13 November 1917


Discharged on 13 May 1919


His wife is Annie Elizabeth Mellish, whom he married in 1919 at St Saviors, Bamber Bridge



I believe he was living at 23 Club Street, Bamber Bridge in 1939 with his 

He is incapacitated


Died 5 April 1969 at 23 Club Street, Bamber Bridge





William Heatley- updated 28\3\2023

Born c1880

Age: 34

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 276863

1/7 Manchester Regiment


Previously in Kings Liverpool 48581, 35466, 4784



Possible he was boarding at Brownley Street in 1911 


William Heatley Enlisted on 14 November 1914


By June 1915 he was in the 15 Kings Liverpool Regiment and with fellow Whittlers was AWOL


He was Discharged on 20 February 1919


He did serve overseas and was wounded-


As of 20 May 2020, I found a W Heatley,  Reg no: 276863 in

the Manchester Regiment wounded section of the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 07 May 1918



Living at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Son of James Heatley and Nancy Heatley 





Walter Helme




Reg no:


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour



No trace of him





Alfred E Higham

Born on  26th March 1896, Whittle le Woods

Age: 18 years, 5 months, 23 days

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 15443

Chorley Pals, 11 East Lancashire Regiment





Enlisted on 18th September 1914


Alfred Higham lived at 10 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods, and he used to go to St John's Church. 


He was a weaver on joining up.


Suffered from trench foot in November of 1916


He was admitted to 11 Casualty Clearing Station with ICT feet as of the 2nd December 1916, and then he was transferred to an ambulance train a few days later

Sent to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital in Millbank, London suffering from trench foot as of 9th December 1916

Discharged on 1st March 1917.


Transferred to 6 East Lancashire Regiment  


Son of David and Keziah Higham

He lived at Diamond Villas, Whittle le Woods

Married to Arabella Sharples in 1927 at Chorley

Had a Daughter called Dorothy Higham, born 2928, died 2012

In 1939 he was working as an Explosive Worker at the ROF 


Living at 5 Hope Street, Chorley


Died about 1981 at Chorley aged 85


Brother of both below




David Higham

Born in 1892

Age: 22 , and 10 days

Reg no: 13419

3rd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



A labour as of Enlistement



Suffered from Epilepsy for 4 years according to his medical report on 20 December 1915 


David Higham Enlisted on 2 September 1914 at Chorley and posted to 10 Battalion 14 September 1914

On 6 January 1915 he is posted to 3rd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


David Higham was discharged on 15 January 1916 after previously having fits and became violent towards others and became a nuisance in the company.


Did not serve overseas


Lived at 10 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods as of Discharge 

Mother was Keziah of Diamond Villas, Whittle le Woods




James Higham

Born 1888, 

Age: 27 and 6 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 77886

11 Field Amb, RAMC


 Enlisted on 3 November 1915 in Chorley




Lived at Diamond Villas 

Lived at 10 Rock Villa Road


As of 9\3\2021, I have found his name in the wounded section for the RAMC in the WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST, OCTOBER 30th, 1917.


Punished for being Absent without leave from Tattoo, from 1 April 1918 to 9pm on 2 April 1918. 23 hours

7 days CB, forfeits 2 days pay 


Punished for overstaying leave from 17 May 1919 to 3 June 1919. 17 Days

Given 28 days payment forfeit as punishment 




Not sure what date but he suffered GSW to Left Shoulder and admitted to Military hospital, Trent Bridge, Nottingham


Demobilized 19 July 1919



Brother of above ?





Henry Hilton




Reg no:



On the Roll of Honour for Clayton le Woods C of E School


Possibly born c1889 in Clayton le Woods and died 1962, living at 79 Lancaster Lane, Clayton le Woods


Mother Nellie Hilton


In the 1921 Census he was living in Clayton le Woods





Joseph Hodkinson




Reg no:




His name is on the Clayton le Woods School Roll of Honour



There are 2 Joseph Hodkinson's in the area as of the 1921 Census

born 1894

born  1879






William Hodkinson - possible match

Born in 1884 in Wigan

Age: 27 in 1911


Reg no:



 He lived at Swansey Fold in 1911 and he was a cycle and motor repairer











Fred Hodkinson

Born in 1876

Age: 33, 1 month

Reg no: 20009

Rank: Pte

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Height 5ft 3 inches


He Enlisted on 29 January 1915 and joins up at Preston on 29 January 1915 and was posted to the 3 Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 4 March 1915


According to the service record that is available and readable for Fred Hodkinson, he transferred as reg no 47324 to 163 Protection Coy, RDC, 4 Battalion Royal Defence Corp on 5 August 1917

On 10 November 1918, he transferred from 163 RDC to 199 Res Coy


On 14 January 1919, aged 37, he was medically examined, which was likely part of his Demobilisation.



Living on Moss Lane in 1911

A Cotton Weaver


Married Dora Dugdale in 1908


Their children are

William was born on 6 July 1909

Ada was born on 28 April 1912

Ronald was born on 20th May 1914

Leslie was born in 1920



At the time of enlistment, he lived at  2 Lukes Road, Whittle Springs


Fred Hodkinson is related to Brenda Trelfa, who's often found in the Roebuck Pub, having several beers



Ernest Baxter Holland

Born 1884, Whittle le Woods

Age: 20

Reg no:

Rank: Gunner?

Royal Artillery


Previously served in 3rd Lancashire RGA


Parents living at Whittle Springs


Married Clarissa Emma Snowdon at St Peter's, Chorley in 1909


Engineer by Trade


Demobilized on 8 June 1919 and living in Chorley




John Greenhalgh Hooley

Born 1885, Whittle le Woods


Rank: Driver

Reg No: T4/060862



 R.A.S.C. T4/060862 Driver.





Lived at 6 Tootell Terrace, Clayton le Woods


In 1911 he was a Carter


Think he may have married Ellen Borsay in 1920 at St John the Evangelist

Had a daughter called Brenda Hooley in 1921

Union Street, Whittle le Woods in 1934

In 1939 they were living on Preston Road


Brother of Below




Joseph Anthony Hooley

Born 1894, Whittle le woods

Age: 19, 9 months

Reg no: 528176 

Rank: Pte

579 and 550 Labour Corp


Previously 13336, B coy, 8 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 5 September 1914



Lived at 6 Tootell Terrace, Clayton le Woods


GSW to left leg, right arm, and right thigh. on 10 July 1916


Demobilized on 21 February 1919


Married to Edith Annie Dugdale 


Died on 3 November 1945 Chorley





James Houghton

Born 1877, Clayton Green

Age: abt 38 in 1915

Rank: Sgt

Reg No: Tr/3/2868

Training Reserve Battalion



Other possible No 28684, 3862 to check


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour


Living at Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods in 1911 with Wife, Margaret Ellen Garstang

Children-  Mary Agnes Houghton born in 1907, she married Jame Prescott, son of James Prescott, Killed in Action


Both are Cotton Weavers


Living at 10 Swansea Fold according to the Pension Ledger


Believe he may have died on 12 January 1923


He is connected to James Prescott - Killed in Action via his daughter Mary A. Houghton marrying James Prescott's son also called James Prescott, born 1908, Married in 1932, Chorley 




James Irving, also known as James Boswell Irving

Born 1 Mar 1894 , Chorley

Age: 21 in 1915

Reg no: 305576

Rank: Pte

1/8 Lancashire Fusiliers


Also Reg no 2576, Lancashire Fusiliers


Served in the Balkans and Dardanelles.



Listed as being Wounded on or about 8 May 1918


Entitled to wear a "Wound Stripe" as authorized under Army Order 204 of 6th July 1916

Looks like he was promoted to Lance Corporal



Married Elsie Mills


Died in 1982, Sefton


As of 6\12\18, I have bought a new picture of him (see picture)






A recently bought original picture of James "Jim " Irving




His name is in the Lancashire Fusiliers wounded list  in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 14 May 1918
















William Irving* 

Born on 15 Jan 1891

Age: 24 in 1915


Reg no



Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour 





He was a Shop Assistant in 1911

In the 1921 census

Grocer Master in 1939


Father is Robert Irving




Herbert Irving* 

Born 6 January 1893, Whittle le Woods

Age: 22 in 1915


Reg no



Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour 




Cotton Weaver in 1911, living at Springs Terrace, Whittle Springs


 Herbert lived at Sandy Lane Cottage in 1939, he was a General Labourer at the Brewery

 He is with his wife Ellen 



*Both likely brothers of George Irving KIA




James Jackson

Born 1895

Age: 19

Reg no: 15882

8 Service Battalion, Kings Own Lancaster Regiment


Enlisted on 12 November 1914 at Chorley


Discharged on 7th June 1915


The reason is not mentioned on the record and there is not much of a record to explore


Served at home


Trade given as a Labourer


Father was John Jackson of Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods





Albert Thompson

Born 1881

Age: 36

Rank: Pte

Reg No: 45126

3rd Garrison Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

11th Battalion Royal Defence Corp


Originally from the Hesketh Bank area


Enlisted on 27 November 1915 

Transferred to Royal Defence Corp on 8 July 1917


Discharged on 14 November 1917 due to inflammation of spinal cord

Origin, Childhood in Ulverston

Discharged on 9 January 1919


Small thin arm and leg comparatively with the opposite side

His vision is 6/24  6/60 and has a double squint.

Due to inflammation of the spinal cord, not a result of military service



Married Emma Leader at Woodplumpton Parish Church in 1907

Children are Phyliss and Mark


Living at Town Lane, Whittle le Woods as of enlistment


Labourer by trade


His Pension Leger says he was living at Paradise Row, Whittle le Woods





Harry Jackson - Found more information at last as of 2\9\2023

Born in 1880

Age: 35

Reg no: 598438

339th H S W Labour Corp, last service 


Previously 17965, 7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Was he a Preston Pal?

Did he join D Coy?



He married Bertha Bamber on 11 September 1902, Whittle le Woods

In 1911 living at Smiths Terrace, Whittle le Woods

Their children are Maggie, Roy, Harry, William Bamber


The record also says he Enlisted on 10 November 1914 at Chorley and he was an Overlooker as a Trade 


As mentioned he was originally serving as 17965, 7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Harry Jackson sailed to France on 17 July 1915


On 22 December 1915 until 29 December 1915 whilst in the field, he was granted leave.

On 31 January 1916, he was evacuated to the Field Ambulance and rejoined on 5 February 1916.

On 25 January 1917, he was again evacuated to the Field Ambulance.

On 27 January 1917, he was admitted to 3 CCS with wounds and sent to 22 General Hospital at Camiers

Hard to read... with JCT (?) Hand and Thumb as of 30 January 1917

Sent to England via HS DIEPPE on 1 February 1917


A gap in the record...


As of 22 May 1918, he was posted to the Labour Centre at Sutton

Possibly attached to 3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 


Posted to 301 Res Labour Coy on 23 July 1918 then 339th H S Works, Labour Corp on 31 July 1918


On 28 September 1918, he was attached to 67, RWC Labour Coy at Newhaven

Ceased to be attached as of 10 January 1919


Despatched to the Dispersal Centre at Heaton Park on 17 January 1919


Served in France for 19 months as a Stretcher Bearer


Double Hernia 


He was transferred to class "Z" and Demobilized on 15 February 1919


Living at No 3 Smiths Terrace, Clayton le Woods, according to the Pension Ledger 


Bamber Bridge and District Overlookers Club


Brother of Richard Jackson



Albert Jackson

Born: 1881

Age: 33

Reg no: 359212

Rank: Pte




Married Mary Alice Burscough on 3 April 1913 at St Bede's, Clayton Green

and had a daughter Agnes Jackson


Enlisted at Chorley on 9 December 1915


Had a medical examination on 3 May 1916


Has a fractured skull which happened a few years before enlisting


Discharged, no longer physically fit for war service on 6 January 1919


Did not serve overseas


Brother in Law to another Whittle le Woods soldier, John Edward Duckett of the Labour Corp, Ex-Kings Liverpool

And William Burscough, Thomas Burscough


He died in 1931



William Jewes

Born 8 November 1877Brierley Hill, Staffordshire

Age: abt 36

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 18836, 4050

Royal Irish Regiment


Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour




Think he was living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods in 1911


William Jewes Enlisted at Chorley on 14 December 1914

He joined the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment as 18836 and later transfered to the Royal Irish Regiment as 4050


Still living there as of 1915, Electoral Register 


On 9 August 1917 until 17 August 1917 he is admitted to 18 General Hospital, Camiers. Suffering with P.W.O sick(?)


On 18 August 1917 until 10 October 1917 he is admitted to 1/4 Northern General Hospital, Lincoln. Sick


His medical report in 1919 says he suffered from Ac Rheumatism, orginating back in June 1915


I think he was Demobilized as of 19 March 1919


Had more medical tests as of 1921


Married Isabella Williamson



In 1939 he is living at "The Square", Waterhouse Green


Gardener, R O F Chorley


Died in 1955



Albert Edward Jolly 

Born 1889, Whittle le Woods

Age: 29

Service no: 251573

Air Mechanic, 2nd Grade



Enlisted from 5 Mar 1918



Served on President II  as of 5 March 1918

Tregantle as of 6 March 1918 until 31 March 1918 when transferred to RAF 


Fitter and turner as trade 


Father is James Jolly 





Edmund Jolly

Born 1881, Wheelton

Age: 34 in 1915

Reg no: 316001

Rank: Pte

32 Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex) Regiment


No service record found yet

Name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914-1915 Roll of Honour


Edmund Jolly Enlisted on 2 November 1914

Discharged on 27 October 1917, possibly due to illness or injury

I dont think 32 Battalion went overseas 



Living at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods in 1911



Possibly married Ann Worthington

Had one known child, Hilda Alice Jolly b1905


If that marriage is correct then I am related to him via his wife 



Living in Lytham st Annes as of 1939

Daughter Hilda and her husband are there too






Thomas Jolly, possibly also known as Thomas Amos Jolly

Born: 1 Sep 1898, Whittle le Woods

Age: 16/17 in 1915

Reg no: 15732

Rank: Pte

8 Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment



Enlisted about 29 April 1915 and served in France


He would be roughly 16 years 7 months 28 days at the time of his Enlistment


Under age soldier


As of 19 May 2020, I have found his name in the corrections section of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 07 January 1919


He is listed among soldiers who were prisoners of war in Germany and have been released 

In the War office daily list for 2 January 




Demobilized as of 6 March 1919






John Christopher Johnson, DCM

Reg no: 37439

Rank: L/Cpl, A/Cpl

2/5 Lancashire Fusiliers



Also served in 9 Lancashire Fusiliers



As of 9\3\2021, I have found his name in the Lancashire Fusiliers wounded list WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST, SEPTEMBER 25th, 1917. Daily List of September 20th



Lived at South Hill Cottage Whittle le Woods in 1915

Also had property, Fern Mill Cottage, Grange over Sands



Awarded the DCM -


For conspicuous gallantry and resource

During an advance, he observed a party of

the enemy with a machine gun about to

open fire on his men. He at once attacked

them and captured the gun. He showed

splendid coolness and determination 



I have the War Diary page describing the day's events






John Robert Johnson - NEED TO RE-CHECK THIS

Born 1894

Age: 22

Reg no: 


B coy, 1 Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 23 August 1914 at Preston



Was he Killed in Action as of 1 August 1918 or did he survive and live on until the 1970s!?


As there was a mix-up with his details during WW1 between Joseph Johnson and himself









Living in Bridge Street at of 1911



Son of William and Ann Johnson

Brother of Matthew, William, and Lena






Samuel Jones


Age: 22


Reg no: 243276

5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 8 December 1915 at Chorley


Wounded GSW to the neck, severe on 12 April 1917


Discharged on 10 November 1917


The record also says DECEASED. So he must have died after coming home 


Lived at Shaw Brow, Whittle le Woods as of joining up.


Trade was a Weaver


Father is William Henry Jones


Samuel Jones is a cousin to William Justice Jones KIA and Edwin Walmsley






Edward Kane


Age: 29

Reg no: 92378

Rank: Gunner

Royal Garrison Artillery


Edward Kane enlisted on 10 December 1915 at Leyland and was put into Army Reserve the day after.








He was mobilized on 1 June 1916 and posted to the RGA, No 2 Depot on 2 June 9 as a Gunner.

He was posted to 37 Coy, RGA on 29 June 1916

Then possibly posted to another unit, which I can't decipher

Posted to 54, Coy RGA on 30 October 1916

I believe he was serving at home for the above dates, but according to his service record he also served in Gibraltar 

from 31 October 1916

Posted to 3/1 SARB on 22 March 1918


On 24 June 1918, Edward Kanes's Doctor, Dr Charles Peddie wrote a letter to Edwards RGA Battery explaining that Edward had been ill since returning to Whittle le Woods on Friday night

The letter within his service record is hard to read, a few lines sum up the letter by Dr Peddie.


He is suffering from Influenza.

I hope to have him fit to return to duty

You may not know that we have a raging epidemic here that is the gastric variant, vomiting 



With the B.E.F as of 8 July 1918

With the 7 Siege Battery on 17 August 1918 

Demobilized from 7 Siege Battery on 17 August 1918


Living at Ribblesdale Terrace, Whittle le Woods at the time of enlistment

Rubber Worker as Trade


Married **Ellen Heatley and had children, Hubert and William, Joseph E Kane


Described as Hardworking, Smart, and Capable.


1st Class Gunner 


**Whilst looking into Edward Kanes family tree I have discovered I am related to him via my 3 x Great Aunt Caroline Peel's side who married John Heatley.





James Kellett

Born in 1886, Clayton le Woods

Age: 28 in 1914

Rank: Saddler

Reg no: 54122



Had nothing in this profile until 22\12\2023


He Enlisted in 1914 and as of 8 January 1915 was posted and served in France 



Died in 1976 aged 92




His parents were Joseph Kellett and Mary Grimshaw

Living at Manor Farm, Clayton Le Woods in 1911 and he was a Saddler


New Information on him is being researched as of 22\12\2023

Pete Niven has given some information on him via the Facebook page of Whittle-le-Woods Pics & Memories Old & New​






Joseph Kellett

Born c1890

Age: 24, 11 months

Reg no: 021999

Rank: Pte

ASC (Mechanical Transport)





5ft 7


Enlisted at Chorley on 12 December 1914


Embarked on SS MOKLA with the BEF to France

Posted to 4 Division Supply Col 


On 10 April 1917, he is awarded a Good Conduct Badge


His Parents were Henry Kellett and Alice Gerrard

Wood End Farm, Clayton Le Woods in 1911

Says Sheep Hill, Clayton Green on his Service Record



His employer GEORGE LOWES & CO LTD ( Royal Oak Hotel Yard, Chorley) sent a letter on Joseph Kellett's behalf regarding his work and character,  (the writing is hard to translate) stating-


"I have pleasure in testifying that Joseph Kellett is a very steady and dependable young man.

And a capable driver of a motor car, while engaged with us, he was always ready and willing"




Demobilized as of 9 July 1919







William Kellett

Born 1890, Lostock Hall, Living in Whittle le Woods

Age: 24, 6 months

Reg no: 029507

Rank: Cpl, Driver 

Army Service Corps (Horse Transport)


201 Coy?



Enlisted at Chorley on 19 November 1914

Joined the 187 ASC at Aldershot on 24 November 1914

Embarked on SS Chybassie at Southampton

Disembarked at Havre

With the 77 Field Ambulance as of the 25 November 1915

And is serving in France until 15 October 1918


Can't read where he is from 16 October 1918 until 30 October 1918

31 October 1918 until 18 May 1919

At Home from 19 May 1919 until 17 June 1919


Demobilized  as of 17 June 1919



Lived at Shaw Hill Farm, Whittle le Woods in 1914


Grocer by Trade


Parents are Thomas Kellett and Mary Alice Salisbury


Married Ida Marsden in Doncaster


Lived at 1 West View Terrace in 1939 , a taxi proprietor 


He died in 1955






Thomas Kenyon

Born 1876

Age: 39, 6 months

Reg no: 33186

21 Lancashire Fusiliers


Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Chorley




Transferred to 2/1 Herefordshire Regiment on 2 May 1916 as 5198 


From May to June 1915, the battalion worked on north London defences in the Billericay area


Discharged on 10 July 1916 suffering from Arthritis and Mentally Deficient


His medical report says he had deformed toes on both feet


He was a Weaver by Trade


Lived at Hill Syde, Mount Pleasant, Whittle le Woods


Mother Sarah Ellen Kenyon






Joseph Kerfoot

Born 1882, Whittle le Woods ?



Reg no:


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour



Possibly of Higher Copthurst in 1911






Jack Kerfoot- UNDER AGE - 16 years and 10 months 

Age: 19

Enlisted at Preston

Reg no: 55823


B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade






Jack Kerfoot enlisted at Preston on 26 November 1914.

Posted to No 2 Depot, RFA

Posted to B Battery, RFA, 105 Brigade on 7 January 1915


He was then "Discharged on 28 July 1915 having made a misstatement as to get on enlistment"


He had done 245 days (8 Months or so)


As of 21 November 2020, I have discovered more about him and this explains why he was discharged!

Taking the above information into account -

Over a year later Jack re-enlists and his record this time says he enlisted on 11 October 1916 aged 18 

He is actually 18 years 9 months 12 days


He joins up as 123774 in the RGA and serves in France from 18 May 1917 to 16 February 1918 as a Gunner  

On 16 February 1918, he is then transferred to the RFC as 127868

Possibly 59 Squadron

Transferred over to the RAF on 1 April 1918 as 127868

From either 1 ASU or 1 ASD (Aeroplane Supply Depot (ASD) to either 39 or 59 Squadron RAF


So I used a handy calculator on the internet and worked out that Jack Kerfoot was only 16 years and 10 months old when he first joined up


Lived at Town Lane, Whittle le Woods as of 1911, and according to his date of birth


Father is Matthais Kerfoot







Richard Knight


No trace yet











Sydney Knowles

Born c1901 in Whittle le Woods



Possibly joined the Mercantile Marines in 1914?


Received the Mercantile Marines Medal and Ribbon 16 October 1919

British Medal and Ribbon




His family lived at Fern Villa in 1911

Son of William and Clara, and had a sister Audrey


Think he may have lived at Canning Place, Liverpool as of 1919







Stanley Knowles

Born 18 June 1900

Age: 18

Rank: Pte up to Acting Sgt

Service no:176790


Joined the RAF from 14 May 1918


Promoted Acting Sgt on 23 November 1918


Discharged from 16 January 1919


Lived at 20 Swansey Fold, Whittle Le Woods


Formerly a Brewers Clerk


Father was Thomas Knowles of 20 Swansey fold


Believe he rejoined or joined the Whittle Harriers on 29 September 1919 


Died 1976



William Knowles


Age: 22, 11 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 5308

4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment





As of Enlistment, he was a Chemists Assistant


Enlisted on 10 December 1915 at Chorley


Mobilized on 24 March 1916 and posted the day after to *hard to read) 3/4th TF, possibly Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Transferred again but I can't make out who he has been posted to


Posted to 4 Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 14 April 1917

Posted to No. 1 Cadet wing, RFC on 17 September 1917

Posted to Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Reserve on 19 October 1917 


Discharged on 1 February 1918 for being physically unfit for war service


Character was good


Mother was Rachel Knowles, Lived at Fern Villa, Whittle le Woods





Albert Langton

Born in 1895

Age:  20

Rank: Driver

Reg no:



Lived at Whittle le Woods in 1911



He was a boxer starting in 1913 whilst in the RFA and when posted to Folkstone up until 8 May 1915 had won 7 fights out of 8. 



Son of Henry, a Canal Boatman, and Ann Langton nee Blundell


Married ‎September 1921 Chorley to Annie Johnson


Died ‎Mar 1978 Prescot, age 83 years




John Langton

Born in 1896, Whittle le Woods

Age: 19 in 1915


Reg no:








Also known as John Thomas Blundell Langton


1901 living at Town Lane, Whittle le Woods


Son of Henry, a Canal Boatman, and Ann Langton nee Blundell

1 of 13 children


In 1911 he was a Dodger at the Calico Printworks


Married in March 1915 to Elizabeth Bamford


They had children, Henry born in 1915 and Elizabeth Lilian born in 1919


Lived at 16 Brownedge Lane, Bamber Bridge at the time of his death on 16 April 1960

Brother of the above, Albert Langton




Henry Leigh

Born in 1893, Wigan


Rank: Driver

Reg no: 5943

R.H. and R.F.A





In 1911 he is living with his family in Whittle le Woods

He is employed as a Rubber Works (grinder)


He Enlisted about 26 October 1915 at Preston


50 Res Brigade


Went overseas to France on 27 January 1916

Posted to the 38th DAC as of 8 March 1916

Admitted to 131 Field Ambulance and then to possibly 46 CCS(?) as of 10 February 1917

Sent back to England vis HS Cambia (?) 


From 4 May 1917 until 13 June 1917, he is at the RA Command Depot, suffering with Frostbite 


On 13 November 1917 until  25 April 1917, he was at Eggington Hall Hospital with a ? Left foot



Posted and Joined up with 120 Brigade on 28 October 1917, (maybe a mistake on record with this date)


Posted BEF France, as of 11 January 1918 

Joined with 122 Brigade on 21 April 1918


On 12 November 1918 until 28 January 1919, he was at Lukes War Hospital, Halifax for some reason


Was Suffering from Influenza at somepoint


Discharged on 1 March 1919



Next of kin is Agnes Ann Leigh, mother

Swansea Fold, Whittle le Woods


Fought in WW1 and went on to run the Duke of York in the 1940s and 1950s


Married to Mary Hilton in 1920 at St John the Evangelist 


Their children-

Agnes born 1920

Hilda, born in 1922 married Thomas Marston

Robert was born in 1925.

John was born in 1928.


Hilda and Thomas would carry on the tradition of running the Duke of York until the 1980s





John Leigh - another interesting profile

Born in 1898

Age: 19, 10 months

Rank: Pte, L/Cpl, L/Bdr

Reg no: 141690

Royal Scots

Royal Garrison Artillery


Possible 141690 RGA


He served in France


John Leigh Enlisted with the Royal Scots on 20 November 1915 at Chorley

On 23 November 1915, he joined up with them at Glencorse

I think he was posted to the 14th Battalion, Royal Scots on 29 November 1915


Whilst at Kirkcaldy, on 20 September 1916 whilst on active service, absent off leave from 19 September 1916 until 9 am 20 September 1916 (9hrs)

Admonished and forfeited 11 days' pay



Then promoted to L/cpl as of 11 October 1916, qualified as a signaller, Instructor 

and posted to the 54 TR Battalion as L/Bdr

Transferred to the "A" Siege Depot, RGA on 29 December 1916

 Served with "A" Siege Depot through to the 112 December 1917 when he was posted to 515, P Battery RGA

Appointed acting Bombardier at Aldershot on 2 March 1918 

Embarked from Dover on 21 October 1918 and Disembarked the same day at Calais, France

Confirmed the rank of Bombardier on the same day and think he gets a 3d pay increase

Still with 515, P Battery RGA as of 7 March 1919

On 3 May 1919, he was granted leave to the UK via Calais, until 16 May 1919

On 17 July 1919, he Embarked from Boulogne for the Dispersal Area.



Both he and Henry (above) are brothers of Frederick Leigh, and Robert Leigh KIA


By 1911 their family of 9 was living in Whittle le Woods.

With 4 of the 7 boys joining up.

The only known surviving girl in the family was Mrs. Agnes Ann Leigh. 


As of joining up, he was Book Keeper, Swansea Lane, Whittle-le-Woods 



Finally found his Service Record as of 25\11\2022 and updated his profile





John James Leach

Born 1890, Blackburn



Reg no:



No record found for him yet


His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 -1915 Roll of Honour



The only person close is in the 1901 census living at Swansey Fold.

With parents Thomas and Elizabeth.


In 1921 the family is living at Victora Terrace and John James Leach, age 31 and 2 months, he is a Cotton Overlooker is living at home with his parents Thomas, a Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth.

His siblings, Sarah Alice, Florence, and Margaret Ann were all Cotton Weavers


Apart from Elizabeth, who stayed at home, they all worked at J N Boothmans Cotton Manufacturer, Swansea Mill




Christopher Livesey

Born 30 December 1897, Whittle le Woods

Age: 15 in 1915

Rank: L\Cpl

Reg no: 241925

1/5 East Lancashire Regiment

2/5 East Lancashire Regiment




His name is in the War Office Daily list on 2 October 1918 for the East Lancashire Regiment within the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 08 October 1918


Awarded the Military Medal on 13 February 1919



It was with the 1/5th Battalion that he was awarded the Military Medal. It was published in the London Gazette on 11th Feb 1919 and his medal was scheduled numbered 201,777.
Schedule 201,000 – 209,999. Covers the Battle of Amiens 8th Aug - 3rd Sept 1918.




In 1911 he was living at 10 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods


Son of Henry Livesey and Mary Jane ?

1 of 10 children




In 1939, he was still working in the cotton industry and was also an Auxiliary fireman.


Brother of Below





Robert Livesey


Age: 20 and 9 months

Reg no: 5181

12th Manchester Regiment






Enlisted at Chorley on 9th September 1914


A weaver by trade



Discharged as not likely to become an efficient soldier on 14th January 1915 after having a medical examination.... He had a deformed right arm.


Father was Henry Livesey




Reginald (James) Longton

Born: 1895

Age: 19

Reg no: 23312


Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted at Chorley on 16 November 1914


Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods


Parents are Lawrence Longton and Ann?


Discharged on 16 April 1915... not likely to become an efficient soldier.

Defective vision


Think it's his brother Norman who won the M.M




Walter Lowe- Updated as of 25\1\2021

Born c1895, Clayton le Woods

Age: 20

Rank: Pte

Reg No: 71201

2\1 Berkshire Yeomanry Regt


Other numbers 14648, 14519, 5602



His name is on the Whittle le Woods 1914 - 1915 Roll of Honour 


No Service Record found yet and I can't find any information on his other numbers 



The 2/1st Berkshire Yeomanry was first raised on 23 September 1914.

As well as acting in a Home Defence role they provided a source of trained soldiers for the 1/1st Berkshire Yeomanry.


Originally they were stationed at Bearwood, Wokingham

In June 1915 they were at Kings Lynn

Coastal attacks by the German Zeppelin and warships were common


They also manned Aircraft Observations Posts


In the spring of 1916, the 2\1 Berkshire Yeomanry Regt swapped their horses and began using bicycles


They often provided drafts for the reinforcement of regiments in France 


One of several cyclist units at that time on guard duties in Ireland, and in March 1919 orders were received for all cyclist units to be disembodied. 2/1st Berkshire Yeomanry was finally disbanded in Dublin on the 21 June 1919.



Says he is living at The Lodge, Clayton le Woods on the Pension Ledger


Discharged on 21 Mar 1919







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