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Matthias Mason

Reg No: T4-056114

Rank: Dvr




Enlisted between 1914-15 as his name is on the 1914-15 Roll of Honour. (Picture)



In 1901, Lived with his parents, Samuel and Mary, also 5 sisters at Carwood Farm, Whittle le Woods


In 1911 he lived at Sandy Lane, Whittle le Woods, and was a Drayman at the Brewery.

With his wife Honor and children, Samuel and Mary


In 1939 he was a widowed, Drayman at the Withy Trees Inn






Thomas Mather


Possible mix up in name spelling

Did he live at Martin House, Whittle le woods in 1915?


Son of William and Catherine










Robert McCarthy

Born in 1885

Rank: Gnr

Reg no: 57287

C Battery  53 Brigade?

Royal Field Artillery


Enlisted on 28 December 1914


Discharged on 27 August 1918 after suffering from the effects of shrapnel wounds received in action at Montauban, France


Possible was wounded on 10 August 1917? 


Lived at 12 Swansea Fold, Whittle le Woods


Died c1960




Henry Marlborough


Possible he is also called James H Marlborough


Born in India


Domestic Servant at Crooke Hall in 1911






Albert McCourt - Updated as of 4\1\2022

Rank: Pte

Reg no: GS/105750

43 Royal Fusiliers


Also served as-


415493, 906 A E Co Labour Corp

24445 1 Royal Welsh Fusilier's 


Did not find anything on him until the above date so I'm really happy to find some information.

I think he may have been injured at some point.



Living at Oakwood, Whittle le Woods in 1911 and he was a Weaver.


Son of George Bernard McCourt, a Joiner for the Canal Co, and Elizabeth Kellett.

Other siblings are Tom Bernard, Lillie, and Jane, another was dead as of 1911.



Richard McClellan

Born in 1891

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 17280

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Brother of Robert McClellan KIA



16 Rock Villa road


A Print Labour in 1911


Discharged as of 22 November 1917






Frank Melling

Born c1890 in Ramsbottom

Reg No: 12454

Rank: Pte

2/5 Loyal North Lancashire


Discharged on 26 March 1919



His name is on the Whittle le Woods Roll of honour 1914 - 1915






Son of John and Ellen

Brother of Sarah Ann, Maggie and Edgar, James, Elizabeth


In 1911, they lived at Hawthorn house, Clayton Green


Not related to my branch of Melling's






Albert Miller 


His name is on the Whittle le Woods Roll of Honour 1914 - 1915

Possibly Son of John and Ann

Sister called Ann,


On 28 April 1922, he is on board the ship "Samaria" heading to Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Penrith House, Clayton le Woods 1911





Alfred Monks

Age: 40

Reg no: 25554

Enlisted on 9 December 1915 

3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Chorley


Defective teeth

Stiff movements


Discharged on medical grounds. Not likely to become an efficient soldier. On 31 August 1916.




Married Elizabeth Alice Blundell at Leyland, St Ambrose on 28 Jun 1900

and lived at Union Street 

Had 3 Children, Lily, Ada, and Elsie.






James Moon


Married to Elizabeth Jane


Living at Dolphin Brow, Whittle le Woods

Calico Printworks Labourer



Brother of both below





John Moon


Enlisted on 8 January 1917

Reg no: 43737

C Coy, 2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Formerly 5th and then 1st Border Regiment then posted to 2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 2 September 1918


On 12 April 1918, he is Wounded in Action with GSW to the head (flesh wound, no fracture) and taken to 17 CCS and then to 22 GH

Possibly at a place called Camiers


Lived at 17 Swansea Fold, Whittle-le-Woods

Worked at the Rubber Works


Demobilized as of 17 March 1919







Herbert William Moon - updated as of 25\1\2021

Born in 1893

Rank: Pte

Reg No: 38392

King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment



Also 14139 Kings Liverpool Regiment


Enlisted 4 September 1915



Laborer at Dyers


Lived at 17 Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods

Another Address given is Greenfield Terrace


Brother of both above soldiers



Demobilized on 11 April 1919




Archibald Moorcroft

Born 1887 


Reg no: 24619

Royal Field Artillery


Enlisted on

Joined up on 31 May 1916 at Leyland




Lived at Clayton Bottoms as of enlistment


Married Jane Aston and had children George Clitheroe Moorcroft born August 1916 and died of Gastro Enteritis 

3 months later on 17 October 1916


The death certificate for his son says Archibald Moorcroft was in the 3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Rubber mixer as trade


Wounded and admitted to 2 Can General Hospital approx 20 March 1918


Moved to 40 Regent Street, Coppull sometime during the war


Discharged on 24 October 1919


Died in 1952





James Moorcroft

Age: 23 years and 10 months

Rank: Pte

Enlisted on 3 September 1914 at Chorley

7 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment






A labourer as trade


5ft 3 1/2 inches


He was married to Margery A Greenwood on 11 October 1913 at the Parish church in Clayton le Moors



No evidence of him was found until 20 December 2021 when I happened to begin trying to get back into doing research for this website!


And I happened to come across an article.


Lancashire Evening Post - Tuesday 12 January 1915






At church, today, James Moorcroft, formerly of Clayton le Moors, and lately of Whittle le Woods, near Chorley.

A private in the 7th Batt, L.N.L Regiment, was charged with deserting from his regiment at Whitchurch Camp, Hampshire. About seven o'clock last night prisoner met P.C Partington in Whalley Road, Clayton le Moors, and said he wanted to give himself up as a deserter. He was wearing uniform. He said he had been away since January 5th, having left the camp without leave.

Prisoner said he joined the army on September 3rd at Chorley.

He was remanded to await an escort. 


The above information has proved valuable and I have found his surviving service record to help fill in his profile!


He was constantly disciplined for being AWOL and drunk throughout his 1 year, 218 days of service


On 8 April 1915, he was Discharged for Misconduct, struck off the strength when on active service


He would narrowly miss out on going to war as a few months later the 7th Battalion landed at Boulogne as part of the 56th Brigade in the 19th (Western) Division in July 1915.


I don't think he was ever let back into the army.


They lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods as of James having joined up.


I think they may have had children, James Moorcroft born later in 1915, and Elizabeth Alice Moorcroft born 1916.






Edward Moorcroft

Born in 1876

Age: 38

Reg no: 29177


Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (SR)





Then Transferred to  1 Garrison Battalion, Cheshire Regiment on 9 August 1915


Enlisted at Chorley on 31 August 1914


Served at Home, France and Gibraltar.


Demobilized on 27 March 1919


A Weaver by trade and 5ft 3 in height


Married Annie Mayo and as of being in service had four children, Jesse, Annie, Sarah, and Lena



Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods





Henry Morris

Age: 28

Reg no: 076296, 12779





Trade is a Motor Driver 


Halls Square, Whittle Springs


Enlisted on 19 September 1914 at Preston

Joined at Woolwich


Father is John Morris, and in 1901 he is a Boatman on the canal

Henry and James are also Boatman on the canal.

Next of Kin as of Enlistment is Brother James Morris of Halls Square, Whittle Springs



Discharged being no longer physically fit for further war service on 20 July 1915 






Thomas Mossop


23 Victoria Terrace in 1911


Taper in Cotton Manufacturer


Parents are Jabez and Nancy Mossop








Age: 25

Reg no: 29316?

Rank: Driver

207 ASC, Horse Transport


Enlisted 16 November 1914 at Chorley


Joined at Aldershot


On 7 December 1914, he is forfeited 6 days pay

Absent on 25 May 1915, Returned to duty on  3 June 1915


Embarked on SS Menominee from Marseilles on 7 January 1916 

Disembarked with 80 Field Ambulance in Salonika on 16 January 1916


More punishments -


7 days CB for absenting himself from stable duty without permission on 6 March 1916

5 days CB for using disrespectful language to an NCO on  31 March 1916

possible more punishments in between dates

On 2 March 1917, he is given 7 days CB for being absent from morning stables

On 20 April 1917, he joins 112 Coy  

14 July 1917 admitted to 28 CCS with a Malaria relapse

22 August 1917 discharged to CAMP SUMMER HILL?

3 September 1917 he is admitted to 48 General Hospital, likely to be with Malaria as that's what that hospital was for.

In to 1918, he is transferred several times including, 209 Coy ASC, 8 Con Dept and also sent home

File states he was affected by MALARIA and not to be sent to a theatre of war other than France or Italy


On 13 November 1918 refused to obey an order

AWOL, from 3.30 pm until 9.30 pm same date

Deprived 3 days pay


Served in France and Salonika


Demobilized on 16 February 1919



Married to Ada Pearson


At the time of enlistment, he is living at Gorse Hall Cottage, Whittle le Woods

With Children Mary and James




An interesting soldiers record!





Richard McIver

Age: 21

Reg no: 39581

Lancashire Fusiliers,


3 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,  posted 5 April 1916

Was in "A" Reserve as 11 December 1915 until 2 April 1916

Enlisted at Preston on 3rd April 1916



Went to France as of 20 July 1916 until 14 September 1919 when he was discharged.


Suffered from a Gas attack on 22 November 1916, also recorded as missing. 

I'm guessing he either found his way own back to his trenches or was found by others.

I think he may have been in the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers as of this date, which means he was at Beaumont-Hamel.


As of 18 May 2020 I have found new information whilst searching through the lists in  Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 04 September 1917. 

He is named in the wounded section


Lived at 3(?) Brownley Terrace, Clayton le Woods.


Mother as next of kin, Mary McIver.


Died on 27 July 1926

Buried St Bede's Chapel, Whittle le Woods






Hardman Myers (Hardy Myers)

Born in 1899

Service no: 167943


Served in the RAF as of 15 May 1918



Father is Thomas Myers




Married Doris Fishwick in 1927

As of 1939, he is a Waterworks Engineer 

Lived at 371 Preston Road


Died 16 March 1983  






Thomas Nolan - New name found as of 22/11/2019

Born c1884

Reg no: 480288

Rank: Pte

2/2 Mon Regiment (as 237576)

418 Agricultural Regiment

582 Agricultural Regiment


Enlisted on 11 December 1915 at Chorley


Name not on the 1914-15 Roll of Honour !!



Suffered from Myalgia and Rheumatism, Influenza as off 27 Nov 1917 to 18 December 1917.


Living at Bridge Street Whittle le Woods


Married to Mary Ann Cain at St Bede's, Clayton Green  on 15 October 1904

Children are Margaret, Mary and William


Solid tyre moulder at Rubber Works





John James Parkinson

Age: 36

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 470225

77 Coy, Labour corp

Late Liverpool Regiment


Another number 46054


Discharged on 10 July 1917 at Nottingham with Degeneration of Cornea, which originated in 1896.


Not due to any military service


Gardener by trade


Lived at Shaw Hill Cottage, Whittle Le Woods







Joseph Kellet Pickup - new as of 14/2/2019 and updated as of 20\4\2021

Rank: A/Cpl

Reg no: 243277

1/5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Previously served as 7825, 4/5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Lived at 5 Spring Gardens, Whittle le Woods


I'm sure his father is William Pickup



Discharged on 1 October 1919





William Pickup

Age: 20?

Rank: Pte

Enlisted on 12 November 1914 at Chorley 

Reg no: 23220

E Coy, 3rd Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment


Inflammation of Glands (Neck) from 1909 and TB


Discharged on 16 November 1915


Trade was a Twister 


Father was Roger Pickup






William Pickup, with Whittle Rose Football Team
















George Phillipson


I think he was born c1879 in Whittle le Woods

In 1911 he is living on Sandy Lane, Whittle le Woods


His name is on the 1914-1915 Whittle le Woods Roll of Honour










Richard Philipson


15 Rock Villa Road, Whittle le Woods in 1911


A calico Printer


I think he was born about 1874 and may have enlisted age 18 in 1892 with the Royal S Fusilier's as 3790 


Chelsea Pensioner


Brother of above








Harry Prescott


Possible he is also known as Henry Prescott?











Richard Thomas Prescott

Rank: Gunner

Reg no: 92788 

Enlisted on 10 November 1915 at Preston 

110 Siege Battery, RGA


Was gassed and reported in sick, taken to Huddersfield War Hospital from 16 October 1917 until 17 December 1917, Bronchitis


Whilst at Scotton Camp on 20 February 1918 is punished whilst on active service for overstaying his embarkation leave from  6.60am on  20.2.18 to 6.30 am on 22.2.18

(Absent 47hrs and 50 mins)

Punishment - 4 days FP no 2

Forfeits 3 days pay RW 


His name appears in the WAR OFFICE WEEKLY CASUALTY LIST, JUNE 8th, 1918 as being wounded whilst serving in the RGA


Demobilized on 17 July 1919


Lived at Swansey Fold, Whittle le Woods

Married Isabella Crook at St Bede's Church in November 1909


Children are 

Daniel Gerrard born 1 February 1911

Mary born 20 February 1912


Worked at Wood-Milne LTD, Leyland since August 1914 according to a letter of recommendation from his employer.






John T Smith

Born in 1881

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 37295

10 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Previously served in 9 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and 2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 




Discharged on 17 January 1919


Living in Whittle le Woods




George Quibell


His name is on the 1914-1915 Whittle le Woods Roll of Honour


No record found yet






As of 20/10/2020, I have found a clue -


He lived at Leyland Lane, Whittle le Woods as of 1915 according to the 

1914 - 1916 Electoral Register





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