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Since 2014 I have been adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018 and into 2019, more pages have been added.

Including the Returned from Duty pages.


Whilst  doing my research  I have found  evidence of some soldiers who served

before 1914

So i have started a new page called Pre 1914

to record their names.


These pages show my progress in researching all the men who are on the memorial or served and  returned from duty from not only from WW1 and WW2, but any other war.


And to date I have over  378 names.


A few pictures are also included.


Discovering those who were demobilized, injured and found too young to serve. 


In the Gallery there are  extra pictures of their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thank you

John Melling








Miscellaneous Personnel

This page is for names of Army, Royal Navy, RFC/RAF personnel who i have found and recorded but are not on the memorial/cenotaph or in the 1914 - 1919, 1939 - 1945 or RETURNED FROM DUTY pages.

And also not mentioned on the 1914-1915 Roll of Honour (Parish of Whittle le Woods) or Roll of Honour Clayton le Woods C of E School. 

Some found living elsewhere...But have a mention of Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods in their profile







George Thornley

Age: 34

Reg no: 70831

Died or KIA: 29 March 1917

13 Labour Corp,  Kings Liverpool Regiment



Born in Salford i think?


His name is on St James Memorial, Leyland and also on the memorial at Church Road, Leyland 


Husband of Margaret Thornley of Sheep Hill Lane, Clayton Green 

She is still living at the address in 1918






John Tripp (also known as John Trippier\Trippett)

Rank: Private

Reg No: 16628

Killed in Action: 12/12/1915


9th Bn King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)




The 9th Battalion were ready for active service by the September of 1915, and served briefly in France.

However in October of 1915 they sailed towards Greece, and disembarked at Salonika on 7 November.

They were given the task of helping cover the retreat of the 10th Division from Serbia about 7th - 12th December.

One company of the 9th Battalion would be overrun by the Bulgarians.




Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Trippier, of Bridge St., Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancs.


He was born in Chorley and in 1911 age 14 was living at 10a Alfreds Court, Chorley.

with his parents


But it looks like his parents had moved to Whittle le Woods between 1911 and 1915



His name is on the DOIRAN MEMORIAL


His name is not on the memorial at Clayton\Whittle 




James Bateson Edleston- Need to research

Born in Whittle le Woods

Age: 34

Reg no: 15701

L/Cpl , Sapper

2 Field Company Engineers




Enlisted on 4 April 1916 at Sydney, NSW

Embarked from Australia on 21 October 1916 


Builder as a trade 


Have a PDF sent from someone in Australia who had written a book about the men listed on the Berowra War Memorial.



Francis Richard Edleston

Born in Whittle le Woods

B Coy, 36 Battalion AIF


Brother of the above






Samuel Brown

Born c 1893

Age: 25

Service no: J/3673

Rank: Able Seaman

Royal Navy

HMS Vanguard




First joined the  HMS Ganges on 3 March 1909  


Killed in Action when the ship HMS VANGUARD exploded on 9 July 1917 whilst at Scapa flow


The eighth HMS VANGUARD of the British Royal Navy was a St Vincent class battleship, an enhancement of the ´dreadnought´ design built by Vickers at Barrow-in-Furness. She was launched in April 1909, commissioned into the Royal Navy at Devonport in October 1910, and spent her life in the Home Fleet. At the outbreak of World War I, she joined the First Battle Squadron at Scapa Flow, and fought in the Battle of Jutland as part of the Fourth Battle Squadron.

She was a part of the action from beginning to end but did not suffer any damage or casualties. Just before midnight on Monday, July 9, 1917, VANGUARD suffered an explosion in one of the two magazines which served the amidships turrets P and Q. She sank almost instantly, killing 677 men.



Mother is Emma R Brown of Oak house, Whittle le Woods


She was originally from Liverpool 



Joseph Cocker

Age: 21

Rank: Cpl

Reg No: 53465

2 Btn, Suffolk Regiment


Died 30 August 1918



Son of Joseph and Miriam Cocker of Waterhouse Green, Whittle le Woods


No known grave, but his name is on a plaque at the VIS EN ARTOIS MEMORIAL, close to the VIS EN ARTOIS BRITISH CEMETERY. Close to Haucourt


Not on the memorial in Clayton\Whittle






William Henry Evans

Rank: Sgt

Service Number 31536

Died 26/01/1921

No. "A" Reserve Bde.
Royal Field Artillery

Husband of Mrs. Byers (formerly Evans), of Radburn Brow, Clayton Green, Chorley.


Fanny Evans was his wife


Not on the memorial in Clayton\Whittle


Discharged PU 18 October 1917



British Red Cross - New discovery as of 21 January 2020


Voluntary Aid Detachment in WW1



Miss Annie Nesta Evans

Address: Hill Top, Whittle Le Woods, nr Chorley

County: N/A

Age when engaged: N/A

Character: N/A

Service from:10/08/1918

Service to:11/02/1919

Hospital: N/A

Previous engagement: N/A

Rank at engagement: Probationer

Date of engagement: 15/08/1918

Pay at engagement: £15 annum

Rank at termination: Probationer

Date of termination:11/02/1919

Pay at termination: £15 annum

Particulars of duties:

Nursing & ordinary ward work 10% Bonus

Whole or part-time: whole-time

Additional information: County West Lancashire

Department: N/A


County Director's Office 72 Rodney St, Liverpool West Lancashire

Certificate no: N/A

Honours awarded: Nil


Nursing and ordinary ward work



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