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Since 2014 I have been adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018 and into 2019, more pages have been added.

Including the Returned from Duty pages.


Whilst  doing my research  I have found  evidence of some soldiers who served

before 1914

So i have started a new page called Pre 1914

to record their names.


These pages show my progress in researching all the men who are on the memorial or served and  returned from duty from not only from WW1 and WW2, but any other war.


A few pictures are also included.


Discovering those who were demobilized, injured and found too young to serve. 


In the Gallery there are  extra pictures of their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thank you

John Melling








Returned from Duty, Continued A to Z

Due to running out of space in some of my pages and sections.

This new page will run from A to Z with new names discovered.


274 names so far as of 4\2\2020


I wonder how many more men's names are to be found !!!!




Thomas Standish Atkinson

Born 1892



The last ship served on Victory X


Enlisted from 5 August 1916

Demobilized 17 February 1919




Died 3 January 1961 at Deepdale Hospital


Lived a Diamond Villa, Whittle le Woods


Wife Gertrude nee Silcock


Married someone else, possible Bigamy


Brother of Richard Atkinson, Killed in Action




Robert Barton

Born c1876

Age: 39 and 1 month

Rank: Gunner

Reg no: 165301

6 Siege Bty, RGA


Also ASC , 45301


He enlisted on 11 December 1915 at Chorley

Demobilized on 10 April 1919


Living at Clayton Green


During service on 31 July 1918, whilst returning from watering the horses, a squadron of aeroplanes came over, flying very low! The horse became startled and bolted to the woods and Robert Barton collided with a tree throwing him to the ground!


Sister is Mary Elizabeth Williams





 Christopher Blundell

Born c1897

Age: 18 and 11 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 24447

6th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted in December 1915 in Chorley


Demobilized in 1919


Name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914 -1915 Roll of Honour


Served in India and Mesopotamia


Lived at Somerset House, Whittle Springs




Finch Blundell 

Born c1899

Age: 17 and 8 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 68174 also 312765

107 Training Res Battalion



Transferred to 104 TR battalion then Royal Engineers (inland water)



Enlisted 19 March 1917 at Chorley

Demobilized on 30 January 1919


End of the middle finger on the left hand missing.

Deformed chest



Boatman as trade

Lived at Somerset House, Whittle Springs


Brother of above





Harold Borsay

Born in 1891


Reg no: 37477

Rank: Pte




Discharged on 6 March 1919 with a disability






Edward Corless* another brother 












William H Evans


Reg no: 31536

Rank: Sgt



Discharged on 18 October 1917, due to a disability.


Living at Radburn Brow, Clayton Green 





Harry Johnson

Reg no: 5871

Rank: Pte, 

10 (Scottish) Kings Liverpool Regiment

166 Brigade



Promoted top L/Cpl then reverted to Pte



Enlisted 30 November 1915

Demobilized on 17 February 1919


Injured in a bomb training exercise, involving 25 men on 22 November 1916.


A court of enquiry assembled on 23 November 1916




Nicholas Rigby

Born 1891


Reg no: 2438

Rank: Fitter



Discharged on 3 May 1918 possibly due to a disability\injury


Lived at Clayton le Woods




William Snape- different one

Born 1900

Age: 18

Reg no: 83324

Rank: Pte

52 and 53 Training Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment



Enlisted on 27 Match 1918 at Preston


Discharged on 13 September 1918 as found no longer phsically fit for war service

Had an issue with his heart muscles, shortness of breathe


Lived at Tootell Terrace, Whittle le Woods, Father is William Snape 


A warehouseman by trade



Harry Tuson

Age: 28 and 9 months

Reg no: 85187

Rank: Gunner

24 Siege Battery, RGA



Enlisted on 9 December 1915



As of his enlistment, he is living at Brownley Terrace, Clayton le Woods


He was a Warehouseman


Mother is Isabella



Leo Westhead

Born in 1889

Age: 28

Reg no\Service no: 235482



I think he served from 13 August 1917 at\on PRESIDENT II and other places

Until 31 March 1918



Trade was a Grocers Manager


In 1911 he was living at Lukes Row, with parents and siblings


In 1939 he lived with his own family at The Gables. Wigan Rd 

With wife Ellen and children Lilly and Leo  


Trade still was a Grocers Manager



Son of James and Ellen Westhead 




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