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Since 2014 I have been adding names and any information i can find about the men from both WW1 and WW2 on the memorial.


And as of 2018 and into 2019, more pages have been added.

Including the Returned from Duty pages.


Whilst  doing my research  I have found  evidence of some soldiers who served

before 1914

So i have started a new page called Pre 1914

to record their names.


These pages show my progress in researching all the men who are on the memorial or served and  returned from duty from not only from WW1 and WW2, but any other war.


A few pictures are also included.


Discovering those who were demobilized, injured and found too young to serve. 


In the Gallery there are  extra pictures of their CWGC gravestones, family graves and more. 


Thank you

John Melling







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Returned from Duty, Continued ...

Due to running out of space in some of my pages and sections.

This new page will run roughly go from A to Z with new names discovered.


302 names so far as of 22\11\2020


A Rough count up


304 RFD + 106 KIA = 410 men of Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods who served in WW1


The 106 KIA is minus the 3 mistakes on the memorial

I wonder how many more men's names are to be found?




Thomas Standish Atkinson

Born 1892



The last ship served on Victory X


Enlisted from 5 August 1916

Demobilized 17 February 1919




Died 3 January 1961 at Deepdale Hospital


Lived a Diamond Villa, Whittle le Woods


Wife Gertrude nee Silcock


Married someone else, possible Bigamy


Brother of Richard Atkinson, Killed in Action




Robert Barton

Born c1876

Age: 39 and 1 month

Rank: Gunner

Reg no: 165301

6 Siege Bty, RGA


Also ASC , 45301


He enlisted on 11 December 1915 at Chorley

Demobilized on 10 April 1919


Living at Clayton Green


During service on 31 July 1918, whilst returning from watering the horses, a squadron of aeroplanes came over, flying very low! The horse became startled and bolted to the woods and Robert Barton collided with a tree throwing him to the ground!


Sister is Mary Elizabeth Williams





Christopher Blundell

Born c1897

Age: 18 and 11 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 24447

6th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted in December 1915 in Chorley


Demobilized in 1919


Name is not on the Whittle le Woods 1914 -1915 Roll of Honour


Served in India and Mesopotamia


Lived at Somerset House, Whittle Springs




Finch Blundell 

Born c1899

Age: 17 and 8 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 68174 also 312765

107 Training Res Battalion



Transferred to 104 TR battalion then Royal Engineers (inland water)



Enlisted 19 March 1917 at Chorley

Demobilized on 30 January 1919


End of the middle finger on the left hand missing.

Deformed chest



Boatman as trade

Lived at Somerset House, Whittle Springs


Brother of above





Harold Borsay

Born in 1891

Age: 28 at the time of discharge

Reg no: 37477

Rank: Pte



Enlisted some time about 29 June 1915


Also served with the East Lancashire Regiment as C/11451



Discharged on 6 March 1919 with a disability



Harold would get married in 1920 to Alice Lyon

They had two children, John, born 1921 and Vera born 1925  


I believe they lived in the Boston, Lincolnshire area


Harold died on 5 March 1981




Edward Corless* another brother 


His name along with his brother's names are on the Clayton le Woods Church of England School Roll of Honour












William H (Henry) Evans


Reg no: 31536

Rank: Sgt



Think his name is missing off the Roll of Honour, as I believe he had joined up as of 30 December 1903 


Date of Dis-embarkation is 6 November 1914 



William H Evans served with the 45 Brigade, RFA.

Firstly as a Bombadier then was promoted


Discharged on 18 October 1917, due to a disability.

I think it says Leurasthenia but maybe it was miss spelt and meant Neurasthenia also known as Shellshock


Living at Radburn Brow, Clayton Green 

Wife was Fanny


I think he died on 26 January 1921




Harry Johnson

Reg no: 5871

Rank: Pte, 

10 (Scottish) Kings Liverpool Regiment

166 Brigade



Promoted top L/Cpl then reverted to Pte



Enlisted 30 November 1915

Demobilized on 17 February 1919


Injured in a bomb training exercise, involving 25 men on 22 November 1916.


A court of enquiry assembled on 23 November 1916




Nicholas Rigby

Born 1891


Reg no: 24738

Rank: Fitter



Discharged on 3 May 1918 due to a complete fracture of

Phalanges on his right hand 


Lived a Clayton Brook, Clayton le Woods




William Snape - a different one

Born 1900

Age: 18

Reg no: 83324

Rank: Pte

52 and 53 Training Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment



Enlisted on 27 Match 1918 at Preston


Discharged on 13 September 1918 as found no longer physically fit for war service

Had an issue with his heart muscles, shortness of breathe


Lived at Tootell Terrace, Whittle le Woods, Father is William Snape 


A warehouseman by trade



Harry Tuson

Age: 28 and 9 months

Reg no: 85187

Rank: Gunner

24 Siege Battery, RGA



Enlisted on 9 December 1915



As of his enlistment, he is living at Brownley Terrace, Clayton le Woods


He was a Warehouseman


He married Lilly Desoer


Parents are James Tuson and Isabella Dewhurst




Leo Westhead

Born in 1889

Age: 28

Reg no\Service no: 235482



I think he served from 13 August 1917 at\on PRESIDENT II and other places

Until 31 March 1918



Trade was a Grocers Manager


In 1911 he was living at Lukes Row, with parents and siblings


In 1939 he lived with his own family at The Gables. Wigan Rd 

With wife Ellen and children Lilly and Leo  


Trade still was a Grocers Manager



Son of James and Ellen Westhead 


Brother of Wilfred and Thomas who also served





 John (Sagar) Reynard


Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth


He and possible brother  J C Reynard are on the Methodist Church Roll of honour


Their father Benjamin is named as living at a Mechanic, Living on Preston Road in the  General  & Commercial Directory of Preston 1917




Arnold Hart


An Arnold Hart is living at Towns Brow Clayton Le Woods Nr Chorley as of the 1911 census, aged 11.


 Official name Thomas Arnold Hart





Possible war service -


31426 Transport Sergeant with the Border Regiment,

also 58687 21st Manchester Regiment




Ernest Hart


Likely brother of above


Born 1900, no sign of him yet in the census




276, 277


Henry Warbrick


Rank: Pte

Reg no: 201759

1/5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


 Another no is 4520, same Regiment




Enlisted and served from the 10 November 1915 until

Discharged as of 4 April 1919 due to injury

He got gangrene whilst in the trenches


Married Mary Prescott

Children are Betty, Monica and Bill


Died aged 76 on 24 August 1972


Oldest Brother of Thomas Warbrick(Born1889) 

Uncle of Thomas Warbrick(Born 1917, Killed in Action in 1944) 




Paul Gent

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 76418

Devonshire Regiment


Formerly 29036 with 20th Lancashire Fusiliers


Lived at Whittle le Woods according to the article in the Lancashire Evening Post dated Friday 8th September 1916 which says he was wounded with the Lancashire Fusiliers


Further research has found he later served with the Devonshire Regiment Reg no 76418


And was demobilized on 5 October 1919



J T Little, also known as James Thomas Little


An advert in the Preston Herald, Saturday 18 August 1917

stated he was shortly leaving to join the colours - no mention of who he would be joining


Lived at Shaw Brow, Whittle Le Woods as of 1911


Married Sarah A Schofield in 1904

Children are Frederick, Thomas and Herbert



He was a well known Whittle le Woods overseer.

However, he was possibly also involved in allegations of press-ganging local men into joining up




Walter Snape - to check

Age: 39 and 1 month

Reg no: 190039

Rank: Gunner

1 Depot, Royal Field Artillery


He enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Chorley

Discharged as of 22 September 1917 at Preston


 His military character described as good and steady and sober



An Insurance Agent by trade



Married Alice Smith and had children -

Veronica Snape born 21 January 1915

William Standing Snape born 10 September 1916


Living at Rose Cottage, Whittle le Woods as of enlistment.

His name is not on the 1914 -1915 Roll of Honour




T Bouskill - think this is correct


His name is on the Methodist Church Roll of Honour 



A Bouskill family lived at 15 Smiths Terrace in 1911, no sign of a T Bouskill though






Alfred Laytham - as of 18 May 2020

Reg no: 164873

Rank: Spr

Royal Engineers


His name  is posted in the wounded list for Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 09 October 1917

3rd October Daily List 


Whittle le Woods





Herbert Stirzaker - as of 18 May 2020

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 53658

1/5 Lancashire Fusiliers



I found him by fluke as I was searching the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) dated 22 October 1918



And found his surname and initial and number under the Lancashire Fusiliers wounded section after a long time sifting through



Norman Longton- as of 18 May 2020

Reg no: 34626

Rank: Pte

Cheshire Regiment


Awarded the M.M before 12 June 1918


Found his name in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 18 June 1918



MM mention is In the UK, British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920 but no picture or any clues 


Need to try and trace it


On the service medal and award roll, it's said he served with -

6th Cheshire Reg

10th Cheshire Reg

7th Cheshire Reg


remarks- Infantry Base Depot


Possibly married Alice Bisby in 1920, Brindle


Think his father is Lawrence Longton




R F Heap

Rank: Gnr

Reg no: 334648



Found his information at last whilst looking through the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry )- Tuesday 18 December 1917

Also mentioned on 8 December 1917


He is listed with the RGA as wounded.


Another Brother of Christopher and Walter, KIA



Living in Clayton le Woods



Frederick Hilton - new as of 19 MAY 2020

Rank: Cpl or Pte

Reg no: 11976

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Whittle le Woods


Service reckons from 5 July 1915



Posted at missing in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 28 May 1918


Name is in the list of men from the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment  who were released prisoners of war from Germany  in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 24 December 1918


Class Z demobilised on 19 February 1919



William Roscoe - New as of 19 May 2020

Born in 1894

Reg no:201934

Rank: L/Cpl

2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


Enlisted as of 2 December 1915

Discharged as of 18 August 1918


Formerly Reg no 4744, 2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Entitled to the Silver War Badge



Whittle Springs


Listed as Wounded


As of 19 May 2020 I found this new soldier with his name listed under the wounded section of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in the Daily list of 26 November in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 04 December 1917



Walter Houghton-  New as of 19 May 2020

Rank: Pte

Reg no: G/52016

2 Battalion, Middlesex Regiment


Whittle le Woods

Clayton le Woods



Discharged on 18 March 1918


I believe he died in 1948



Found his name in the Wounded section of the Middlesex Regiment

whilst looking through the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 21 August 1917

The daily list of 13 August






Robert Heap


Whittle le Woods and Wheelton


He was wounded and taken prisoner on 31 July 1917 at Ypres and spent time as POW in Germany for 17 months


To Research



See Brothers profiles







John Thomas Smith

Reg no: 37295

Rank: Pte

10 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment


In the wounded section of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

in the Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 15 October 1918



Whittle le Woods



Discharged 17 January 1919



W Cuerden - likely to be Wilfred Cuerden, as of 20 May 2020

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 60562

Machester Regiment


Whittle le Woods


Brother of Austin Cuerden


I found his name in the Machester Regiment wounded list of the War Office Daily list of 10th July 1918 within  Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry ) - Tuesday 16 July 1918



I have then found his name in the medal roll which shows he joined the Labour Corp as Pte 621350



James Coupe

Age: 27, 3 months

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 14192

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Previous to enlisting he was employed at Low Mill Printworks


He enlisted on 4 September 1914 and joined at Preston the day after.


Posted to 8 Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment



Wounded on or about 8 May 1916


He was Absent Without Leave (AWOL) so many times and received various punishments

Also, drunk and causing disturbances in camp

He was also arrested and awaited for a trial, then found guilty of Deserting HMS and guilty of AWOL


He suffered from a GSW to the head and concussion, date unknown


Discharged on 2 August 1918

Not sure why they put Good down for character reference!


Lived at Bridge Street, Whittle le Woods 

He was married to Isabelle Bamber on 5 October 1907

Had a daughter Florrie born 11 January 1909



T Taylor


Name is on the Methodist Roll of Honour


Possibly lived at Bridge Street in 1911?







John Grime


Brother of Thomas and Richard both Killed in Action

Brother of Fred.








Joseph Grime 



Brother of Thomas and Richard both Killed in Action

Brother of above and Fred.







Frank Ward - New as of 13\10\2020

Age: 19

Reg no: 80032 

Rank: Gnr

141 ? Siege Battery, RGA


Height 5 ft 7


A weaver by trade




Enlisted on 1 March 1916 at Chorley


GSW on the right arm and is a patient at Cambridge Hospital as of 13 June 1918 and brought before a medical board


Discharged about 17 June 1918 from service being no longer physically fit for "War Service"


Brother of John and Richard who had both been Killed in Action


Son of Thomas and Alice Ward of 2 County Terrace, Clayton le Woods






John Cottam Bleasdale

Age about 23?

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 4514

16 Kings Liverpool Regiment



Also 2/7 Kings Liverpool Regiment

And 7 RW Fusiliers


He enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Preston and was posted on the 12 April 1916 to 16 Kings Liverpool Regiment

On the 29 April 1916, he was transferred to the 2\7 Kings Liverpool Regiment


And then Discharged on the 21 July 1916 with Sickness


He lived at Coupes fold, Clayton le Woods with wife Elizabeth nee Brownrigg


They had married on 19 July 1913 at St Saviours, Bamber Bridge


Chillren - Hilda Bleasdale born 18 November 1915


In 1939 the family are living in Walton le Dale




George John Rose - new as of 21\11\2020 more research to be added

Age: 34

Rank: Driver

Reg no: M2/134204




As of his enlistment on 28 October 1915 in Preston, he is living at 1 Sheephill Lane, Clayton Green



His wife Susanna Rose nee Roberts is listed as next of kin


They were married on 10 June 1914 at  St Silas Church, Liverpool 


And they had children-

Lillian Mary born 12 June 1913

Nina Maud born 17 July 1916

Both born at 1 Sheephill Lane





Discharged on 9 April 1919 possibly due to Bronchitis 





John Eccles- new as of 22\11\2020

Born in 1876 Clayton le Woods

Age: 39 and 5 months

Reg no: 39729

Rank: Pte

67 Labour coy, Labour Corp






Almost missed this man as there is also a John Eccles on the war memorial

so thought it was him! 

In fact its another person and a new name to the list


John Eccles was born in 1876, Clayton le Woods.

He married Sarah Thompson at St Bede's, Clayton Green on 18 October 1909

They are living at Brownley Street and John Eccles is a Weaver


He enlisted on 9 December 1915 at Chorley and was posted to the 5 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment roughly on 

2 August 1916, joined them in Preston.


Then transferred to either 1 or 7 Garrison, Royal Welsh Fusiliers on roughly 23 January 1917 as no 66004


He is transferred to the 2 Labour Coy, Kings Liverpool Regiment  as of 5 February 1917


Then transferred to 67 Labour Coy on 14 May 1917 


His casualty form is damaged but is shows as of June 1917 he is still active but no further information can be read 


I think he is Discharged or Demobilized as of 26 February 1919 




James Whittle aka Jamea A Whittle as of 22\11\2020

Born about 1880 

Age: 35 when he joined up

Rank: Pte

Reg no: 572695

Labour Coy





His date of Disembarkation says 14 May 1915


Previously served as 13649 Lancashire Fusiliers



He was married to Mary Ann Predergast in about 1907 and they lived at Higher Cophurst, Whittle le Woods


Son of Thomas and Alice Whittle


He was Discharged about 12 February 1919


Died on the 29 September 1919 and his gravestone is in St John the Evangelist, Whittle le Woods 



Thomas Wignall

Born 1891 Walton le Dale

Age 20 in 1911


Living at 3 Grosvenor Place, Clayton Green



He is single and is a Farm Labour


Parents are Stephen and Ann Wignall



His name is on the Clayton le Wood, Church of England School Roll of Honour


The only person that I can see that fits  



Henry Blackburn



Living at Lancaster Lane, Clayton le Woods in the Electoral Register

for 1914 -1916. 







His name is on the Clayton le Woods Church of England School Roll of Honour



David Tustin

Born in 1879, Gloucestershire

Age: 37, 11 months

Rank: Driver

Reg no:188634

14 Brigade




Living in Whittle le Woods in 1911 at the Lodge, Crook Hall, Whittle le Woods


He is married to Mary Elizabeth ? and they had children, Fred and Mary Elizabeth as of the census


He enlisted about the 5 June 1916  at Chorley

Joined up at Preston on 13 October 1916



He was demobilized about 27 June 1919



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