This page is to show you some of the updates on the profiles and other information 



Today I updated the profile of John Bell- Returned from Duty




Received an email from Colin Moorcroft relating to Richard Moorcroft and his family




Today I added more information to the profile of Leo Westhead- Returned from Duty




Today I found new names-

Gerald Evan Thwaites- Returned from Duty

Archer Booth- Returned from Duty

William Westhead- Returned from Duty



Today I updated the profile of Ronald Cross- Returned from Duty with more information




Today I found new names


Robert Riley- Returned from Duty, the Brother of Peter Riley

Ralph Thurston Simm- Returned from Duty





Today I have updated the profile of Richard McClellan- Returned from Duty




Today I updated the profile of Walter Lowe- Returned from Duty




Today I updated the profile of Harry Ramsbottom- Returned from Duty 




Today I updated the profile of William Kellett- Returned from Duty 




Today I updated the profile of Thomas Gregson- Returned from Duty 




Today I updated the profile of Thomas Lancaster- Killed in Action




Today I updated the profile of Daniel Slater- Died of Wounds





Today I updated the profiles of

Samuel Stirzaker- Died of Wounds\Killed in Action. Added a War diary extract

Robert Charles Thompson- Killed in Action- Added a War diary extract

John Cannon- Died




Updated the profile of Allan Shepherd - Killed in Action, with a War Diary extract.




Today I updated the profile of George Stephenson- Killed in Action, with an interesting article from a newspaper in 1915




Today I updated the profile of John James Leach- Returned from Duty



Today I updated the profile of

Daniel Withnell- Returned from Duty 

Walter Westhead- Killed in Action




Today I have updated the profiles of Ernest, Fred, and William Hargreaves- Returned from Duty




Today I have updated the profiles of

Charles Dillon- Returned from Duty

Percy Dixon- Returned from Duty





Today I updated the profile of John Waddington- Died of Wounds





Today I updated the profile of James Houghton - Returned from Duty

He is connected to James Prescott - Killed in Action via his daughter Mary A. Houghton marrying James Prescott's son also called James Prescott, born in 1908, Married in 1932, Chorley 


Also found more information about

Harry Jackson - Returned from Duty

Thomas Kenyon- Returned from Duty

William Knowles- Returned from Duty

Henry Leigh- Returned from Duty




Today I updated the profile of Peter Brindle - Returned from Duty





A list I've been meaning to do for ages


Under Age Soldiers - youngest aged on Enlistment STILL RESEARCHING!


These lads lied at their enlistment! 

And were in fact -


1) John Whittle - 15 years, 6 months, 18 days

2) Frank Cannon - 15 years, 10 months, 11 days

3) James Snailham - 16 years, 6 months, 5 days

4) Arthur Allsup - 16 years, 8 months,19 days

5) Jack Kerfoot - 16 years, 10 months




6) Finch Blundell - 17 years, 9 months, 21 days

7) Thomas Jolly - 16 years 7 months 28 days




Today I have updated the profile of Richard Grime - Killed in Action

With information extracted from the War Diary of 73rd Machine Gun Coy


Today I have updated the profile of Thomas Grime - Killed in Action

With information extracted from the War Diary 


Today I have updated the profile of John Bamber - Killed in Action

With information extracted from the War Diary 


Il also updated the Military Awards and Mentioned in Despatches page




Today I found new information by accident on Frederick Grime, as his profile had been blank.







Continued to update as many profiles as possible


John Cotton- 1916





Updated the profiles of


John James Parkinson, Returned from Duty

George Phillipson, Returned from Duty​

James Ramsbotham, Returned from Duty​

John Ramsbotham, Returned from Duty​

Bernard Richards, Returned from Duty​

William Riding, Returned from Duty​

Thomas Riding, Returned from Duty​
Walter Riley, Returned from Duty​
And many more, as I needed to add new information and tidy up profiles



Today I updated the profile of William Jewes, Returned from Duty


Also Frank Melling




Today I updated the profiles of 3 bothers, Alfred, David and James Higham. Ruturned from Duty




Finally found the record of Charles Grainge, Returned from Duty

His profile was blank until today





Today I updated the profile of William Robinson





I have been updating the profile of Edward Kane





Today I have updated the profile of Henry (Frederick) Bamber




Today I managed to find some new information about Clarence Lowe, his profile is in the 1939 - 1945 section





Today I updated the profile of William Hargreaves





Today I have updated the profile of Fred Hodkinson






Today I updated the profiles of Henry Marlborough, Henry Leigh, and William Heatley




I have updated the profile of William Bamber





I have updated the profile of John Wilson 




I have updated the profile of Samuel Wood




Today I have updated the profile of John Wilkins, with information about him from a newspaper 




Today I updated the profiles of Thomas Jackson, Killed in Action, and Joseph Burton





Added more information on the profiles of Edward Ramsbotham and John Leigh




Added new information on the profile of Arnold (Ainsworth) Blackwell, Discharged in 1919





After doing so much during the lockdown I had given the research a rest.

But this week I have made an effort to try and get back to it.

I have been updating the Life on the Homefront page with a few Newspaper articles.

And I have filled in a blank profile of James Moorcroft and discovered he was a Deserter according to a newspaper article.

There is also a possible missing name of a Clayton Green man, Thomas Feeney from the local Roll of Honour

Or maybe he belongs on the Blackburn Roll of Honour!





During the coronavirus lockdown, I have managed to stay online and do some research and just today have added a new name in the Returned from Duty Extra names A to Z



Given that I have expanded my website a lot in 5 years I decided to update my website front page




A quiet year on the website until November 2019 as I gave it a rest!


As of today, I have been adding and updating more of the profiles in  RETURNED FROM DUTY 


269 men found so far from Clayton le Woods and Whittle le Woods came back.


More names should be found in the future





The RETURNED FROM DUTY page has now been split up into easier sections to trace surnames

Over 200 names and some pictures are now viewable





Two new pictures and some information about one of the men who returned from WW1 have been sent to me via his relation. 





The past few months have seen my website and research used by the local primary schools to help with their school projects

I have also added new sections to my website and added plenty more information to be researched.

New pictures of some of the survivors have been added

Today I got home from work to a new picture of a survivor I found and bought off eBay !.  





I have added another section About me and added some updates in the Publications, Future Projects and Exhibitions 


I also updated another website called war memorials online with information regarding the memorial and my website.





I was invited to one of my old primary schools... Westwood to take a picture of the children and teachers efforts with their WW1 display

Thank you to the children and teachers for the invite and the photographs.





 I have added a new page Medals and Awards to help identify medals awarded.

Whilst continuing to add more information.






On 6\10\2018 i was contacted by a relation of one of the men in the 1939 - 1945 section, who has some photographs which he would like to share with me.

Looking forward to seeing the photos and adding another face to a name.






 I have been adding more names of men to the RETURNED FROM DUTY





 I have found over 30 names of men which I have added to the RETURNED FROM DUTY 

With one or two interesting finds.




 I have made great progress over the past 4 years. All the WW1 and WW2 profiles are continuing to expand as and when I manage to find information.


I have also added a new page to explore called RETURNED FROM DUTY.


The new page is to research all known men who survived the war, including those discharged for medical reasons.





 I have updated the profile of George Shorrock, 1 Battalion Royal Irish Regiment

after I found the war diary.




 I have been updating several of the men's profiles in the 1914 -1919 section

Adding War Diary extracts and I have found several newspaper articles of some of the men regarding deaths and Military Medal awards.


As it stands 5 men on the memorial were awarded the Miltary Medal (MM)


Thomas Bamber - approx 14 October 1916

Percy Clitheroe - 21st December 1916

Henry Hopwood - 19th February 1917

George Stephenson - 17th September 1917

Charles Moorcroft - 12th June 1918


Altogether I have updated 15 of the men's profiles in the 1914 - 1919 section






I have today updated the profile of John Bowling in the 1914 - 1919 section.

I finally managed to track down his whereabouts on the day he was KIA.





I have been contacted by someone who has an interest in WW1 and has researched and collected information regarding his own family.


He also has information on John Bamber- WW1

And had sent me some pictures of what research he had done.




I have been sent 3 new pictures relating to Thomas Jackson and Thomas Desoer both of whom died in WW1.
They have been sent to me with permission from a group known as
British War (Thanks to Mick for the help)
I will shortly be putting them in the Gallery of the website.


I have been updating some of the profiles of both WW1 and WW2 names.
And I have been in contact with relations of some of the men. I hope to get some more information from them.
Even the BBC has been in contact. 







A possible missing name off the Memorial -


John Tripp (also known as John Trippier\Trippett)

Service No:
Date of Death:
 King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
9th Bn.
Panel Reference:
Additional Information
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Trippier, of Bridge St., Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancs.

He was born in Chorley and in 1911 age 14 was living at 10a Alfreds Court, Chorley.

with his parents

But his parents had moved to Whittle le Woods between 1911 and 1915




Most of the WW1 names have again been updated with new information gathered from

various sources


A big thank you to those family members of the men on the memorial,  and also all other visitors who have left messages and contacted me to supply information.




Happy New Year !!


I have been adding more names and information.

And have been contacted by relations of some of the men.





If possible are you able to contribute pictures and information on these names?


I am adding some pictures to the Gallery, so you are welcome to have a look.




Alongside those who fell during WW1 are the names of the soldiers whose lives would also be claimed during WW2.


I have now expanded the website to include a 1939 -1945 section. Clicking on the 1914-1919 page will also bring up the 1939 - 1945 page.





























































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